School Uniform/Dress Code

The standard of dress is set by the good judgment and discretion of our parents. If the school is to be a special place and the students are to develop a sense of dignity and seriousness about learning, then it follows that our style of dress should reflect that standard.

†   Boys must wear full length T-shirts with a sleeve (no muscle shirts or cut-off T-shirts are allowed for regular class or gym wear);

†   Girls are not to wear anything strapless (or any top that leaves the shoulders or midriff bare);

†   Boys and Girls are able to wear shorts provided they are modest. We are requiring a decent walking short. No short-shorts, cut-off jeans;

†   Pants are to be worn at the waist. Undergarments should not be visible.  Torn or ragged jeans, cut-off shorts, are not acceptable;

†   Shorts/skirts must be of modest cut and proportions;

†   Clothing or decorations associated with inappropriate messaging is not permitted on school grounds or at school sponsored functions;

†   Hat/Caps and sunscreen should be used during warm weather seasons;

HCDSB AdministratorSchool Uniform/Dress Code