Staff Directory


Mrs. Claire LanoisElementary Principal
Ms. Genevieve ButtElementary Vice-Principal

Support Staff

Mrs. Carmen MihalceanOffice Assistant
Ms. Christina RaymondChild and Youth Counsellor
Ms. Courtney RobshawLibrary Technician
Mrs. Linda WardOffice Assistant
Mrs. Karen WoodrowElementary School Secretary

Teaching Staff

Ms. Sheri BoydElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Ms. Ashley FalconeElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Ms. Nicole ResendesElementary Teacher, Elementary Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Melissa BatinicElementary Teacher, French - Core
Ms Christina GreenElementary Teacher, French - Core
Miss Danielle MironElementary Teacher, French - Core
Ms. Jenna WoodrowElementary Teacher, French - Core
Ms Brooklyn Nobre PeresElementary Teacher, French - Early French Immersion
Ms. Monica PonteElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Mrs. Danica SequeiraElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Mrs. Barbara FitzmauriceElementary Teacher, Grade 1/2
Ms. Jennifer DysselhofElementary Teacher, Grade 2
Mrs. Meagan Maciel LindoElementary Teacher, Grade 2
Ms. Paula MonteiroElementary Teacher, Grade 2 English Portion of F.I.
Miss Sarah SheppardElementary Teacher, Grade 2 French Immersion, French
Ms. Mae Fontanilla-VanElementary Teacher, Grade 2/3
Ms. Dabrowka AlbertElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Ms. Jennifer RutherfordElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Ms. Lauren BurkeElementary Teacher, Grade 3 English Portion of F.I.
Mrs. Stephanie FerrariElementary Teacher, Grade 4
Mrs. Anne-Marie TalioElementary Teacher, Grade 4
Ms. Francesca VernolaElementary Teacher, Grade 4
Mr. Pasquale CerisanoElementary Teacher, Grade 4 French Immersion English
Mrs. Melissa BatinicElementary Teacher, Grade 4 French Immersion, French
Ms Christine GaudetElementary Teacher, Grade 4 French Immersion, French
Mr. Jose Di SantoElementary Teacher, Grade 5
Mrs. Lauren RudnickiElementary Teacher, Grade 5
Ms. Jessica StamatopoulosElementary Teacher, Grade 5
Ms. Samantha HainesElementary Teacher, Grade 5 English Portion of F.I.
Mr. Pasquale CerisanoElementary Teacher, Grade 5 French Immersion English
Ms. Linda ScharfElementary Teacher, Grade 5 French Immersion, French
Mr. James LavenderElementary Teacher, Grade 5/6 French Immersion, French
Mr. Jakub FilipiakElementary Teacher, Grade 6
Ms. Kristen VellaElementary Teacher, Grade 6
Ms. Samantha HainesElementary Teacher, Grade 6 English Portion of F.I.
Ms. Luigina HagerElementary Teacher, Grade 7
Mr. Daniel LefaiveElementary Teacher, Grade 7
Mr. Richard BrownElementary Teacher, Grade 8
Ms. Marie Hannon-ShippelElementary Teacher, Grade 8
Mrs. Tanja BorasElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Ms. Caroline GraciasElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Ms. Josephine NibberingElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Ms Christina GreenLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Extended French Immersion
Ms Oksana TymczynaLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Grade 1
Ms. Jessica CurtisLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Grade 6
Ms Brenelle D'SouzaLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Grade 7 English Portion - F.I.
Ms Brenelle D'SouzaLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Grade 8 English Portion - F.I.
Ms Melissa De SousaLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Kindergarten
Ms. Daniela ZicarelliLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Kindergarten
Mr. Raju DevisLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Primary Team Member
Ms. Martha ClippertonElementary Teacher, Primary Team Member
Mrs. Leah Marks-RouleauElementary Teacher, Primary Team Member
Ms. Daniela ZicarelliElementary Teacher, Primary Team Member
Ms. Sally DawoudElementary Teacher, Teacher of the Arts
Mrs. Magdalena FirkowskaDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Ms. Nicole FortierDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Mrs. Crystal GrandeDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Ms. Helena KlackEducational Assistant
Ms. Melanie LalondeDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Ms. Anna OddoDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Ms. Moira RyanEducational Assistant
Mrs. Cathy ScottEducational Assistant

Custodial Staff

Mrs. Ruza Markic

Lunchtime Supervision

Mrs. Michelle Barlas
Ms Dianne Cosic
Ms Stephanie Crooks
Ms. Christine Egan
Miss Angelina Putnam
Mrs. Barbara Stewart
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