We have approximately 800 students at St. Brigid School and heavy traffic close to the bell time is inevitable if people choose to drive their children to school. We are asking for your assistance in ensuring the safety of our students, staff and families in the parking lots.  We do encourage families to walk or ride to school as part of their daily routines.  Walking or riding has many benefits, including a healthier lifestyle, quality family time, safer ways of travelling and eco-friendly.  If you do need to drive, please see attached a visual of the rules of our parking lot: 

Parking lot markings clearly indicate Kiss and Ride/Drop off Zones and Thru Lanes.  Everyone is busy in the morning and afternoon with places to get to.  Blocking the thru lane ties up traffic and makes others late for work and wherever else they need to be.  More importantly, it creates a safety issue for our school community.

For those who Walk to School, please make sure to always use the sidewalks to enter or exit off school property.  Please avoid walking across the parking lot.

If at any time you feel that someone is compromising the safety of students, there is an online reporting system that can be found at Go to “Services” then, “Report Traffic Complaint.”

Parking Etiquette

If you are able we are asking you to please park on the nearby streets and walk to the drop-off/pick-up areas or find a parking spot in our lot.

  1. Please use the entire Kiss and Ride area. Many want to pull up in the first 5 metres of the Kiss and Ride zone.  There is more room further up in which to pull over.
  2. Please ensure you are only dropping children off in Kiss and Ride, not getting out of your vehicle, to keep traffic flowing.  If you require assisting your child, please park your car and walk them to the appropriate drop off gate.
  3. Please do not double park as it cuts off the thru lane and creates gridlock.
  4. Never park on the sidewalk.
  5. Please ensure you stay in the left-hand lane as you exit across the front of the school to allow the buses spaces to park and drop off at the front.
  6. Please consider parking on a side street and walking your child to the gates.
  7. Please be courteous to staff who are trying to ensure the safety of the children.
  8. Please consider dropping your child/children off earlier. There is far less traffic closer to 8:45 than 8:55.
  9. Please allow our staff the space to ensure our children’s safety.

We are respectfully asking that you assist us.  If we can all work together, the parking situation can run more efficiently, and we can ensure the safety of students, parents and staff.

IDLE Free Zone

Please note that St. Brigid is an Idle Free zone.  By reducing idling, we diminish the impacts of climate change.  Idling can make smog worse, affecting our air quality and our health.  For the safety and health of our students, please use our parking spots and/or turn off your engine if you will be stopping for more than 60 seconds.
For more information idle free zone information.

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