About Our School Council

Contact information:  cscstbrigid@gmail.com

Members for 2020-2021:

Dates for meeting this year:  October 14, November 30, February 1, April 12 and May 31. All meetings begin at 6:45 p.m.  Due to CoVid restrictions all meetings are virtual this year. If you would like to attend a meeting, please contact us at cscstbrigid@gmail.com or call us at the school to be added to the virtual meeting. This CSC email can also be used to ask questions of your representatives and/or add agenda items for discussion.

2020-2021 Membership

Elisabeth Altomare   Co-Chair
Janine Galloway   Co-Chair
Chris Cachia
Camille Gemmell
Donna Heaps
Bridgeen Wey – Parent/Parish Representative
Jen Marchand – Community Representative
Karen Woodrow – Staff Representative
Josephine Nibbering – Teacher Representative
Genevieve Butt – Vice Principal
Claire Lanois – Principal

Catholic School Council Information

What is the Catholic School Council? It is the group of elected parents, school staff and appointed members from the Parish and community who advise the school administration and the Board on priorities and key issues for setting the future directions of the school and Board.

What is the main goal of the Council? To promote the right to Catholic Education in our province and educational improvement for all students.

What do Catholic School Councils actually do? Catholic School Councils advise the school principal and, where appropriate, the School Board on these matters:

  • Local school year calendar
  • School code of conduct
  • Program goals and priorities-curriculum and delivery
  • School and Board responses to achievement in provincial and Board assessments
  • Selection criteria for the position of school principal
  • Preparation of school profile
  • School budget priorities
  • School-community communication
  • Reporting to parents
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Community use of school
  • Local co-ordination of services for services for children and youth
  • Development implementation and review of Board policies at local level

How often does the Council meet? The Council is required to meet at least 4 times a year.

Who nominates candidates? You nominate yourself.

What is the term of office? One year.

Is there a campaign at election time? Nominations are posted in the school for the public to read. You may write a brief summary of your background and why you are running if you so choose. It’s purely optional.

What are the qualifications required, if any? You must be either of the following:

  •  The Catholic parent of a Catholic student enrolled in the school
  • The non-Catholic parent of a Catholic student enrolled in the school

No nominee is required to make any sort of a public declaration of Catholicity.

The Council will have 8 parents elected to it. A maximum of 1 non-Catholic parent may be elected provided that they obtain a vote total which places him/her in the top eight candidate positions on voting day.

Of the 7 open seats, 1 may be occupied by a non-Catholic parent.

The chair of the Council is eventually elected by the elected council members and must be a Catholic member.

Some Council Roles

Council Members

The members of the school council shall:

  • Attend and participate in council meetings,
  • Participate in information and training programs,
  • Ensure the assumption of the functions of secretary,
  • Where the council requires it, ensure the assumption of the functions of treasurer;
  • Where the council requires it, appoint the past chair to the council,
  • Act as a link between the school council and the community,
  • Support and promote the decisions reached by council,
  • Be of good will working for the common good of the school community,
  • All School Council Members work as liaison to committees: Education, Communication, Faith Development, Volunteer Team, Fundraising, etc.


The chair of the Catholic school council shall

  • Call school council meeting,
  • Prepare the agenda for meeting;
  • Ensure that proper minutes of meeting are recorded and maintained,
  • Participate in information and training programs;
  • Communicate with the school principal;
  • Ensure regular communication occurs between the council and school community
  • Consult with senior Board staff trustees, as required;
  • Attend or appoint a member to attend the regional meetings

St. Brigid Catholic School Council By-Laws

Revised December 2008

The St. Brigid Catholic School Council will abide by the following:

  • The suggested By-Laws for Catholic School Council Operation in the Halton Catholic District School Board’s Operations Manual, “School Councils: Strengthening our Partnerships”, based upon The Ministry of Education’s Policy 612/00 and the accompanying document, “School Councils: A Guide for Members” (2001).
  • C.D.S.B. School Board Policy No. 1-23.

The aforementioned Operation Manual and policies address the following:

  • Benefits of a Catholic School Council
  • Catholic School Councils and Committee Structures
  • Catholic School Councils and the Board
  • Membership of Catholic School Councils
  • Committee Structure
  • Elections of Members
  • Term of Office
  • Roles of Catholic School Council Members
  • Responsibilities of Catholic School Council Members

The following items are additional By-Laws specific to the St. Brigid Catholic School Council:

C.S.C. Term of Office

As per Regulation 612/00, the C.S.C. mandate ends in June of every school year. Minutes, Financial Statements, Recommendations made to the Administration/Board, by a previous C.S.C. will not be revisited the following year.


It is recommended that:

  • there be no more than six meetings per year
  • that the meetings be no longer than 90 minutes in length.
  • special meetings may be called by the Chair at such times as deemed to be necessary.
  • resolved issues from previous meetings and/or school years will not be revisited without prior consultation with the Chair and school administration.
  • the last ten minutes of every meeting will end with a Question Period wherein the questions will be addressed to the Chair and then referred to the administration and/or membership as appropriate. Outstanding questions may be deferred to the next meeting.


  • the C.S.C. membership may agree to communicate/consult via e-mail provided that the results of the same are reported upon at the following C.S.C. meeting and reflected in the minutes if appropriate.
  • communications from the Catholic School Council to the larger parent community, shall take place as required in the St. Brigid School community newsletter and/or the school website.
  • the Catholic School Council chair, in cooperation with the principal, will endeavour to have the agenda and minutes published on the school website and posted on the Community Board in a timely fashion.

Officers and Committees

  • the Catholic School Council may establish and dissolve committees for specific or general purposes or events as deemed necessary by the voting membership.
  • recording Secretary: May be an appointed and/or rotating position as determined by the C.S.C. membership.
  • treasurer: As of September 2005, the C.S.C. does not have an account independent of the school and therefore, the position of “Treasurer” is no longer required. To that end, the school administration and secretary will produce financial statements regarding Catholic School Council fundraising events as required. Minimally, the school administration and secretary will produce a year end financial statement to be published with the Catholic School Council’s Annual Report which will be posted on the Community Board and on the school’s website.

Conflict Resolution

Any dispute between members of the Catholic School Council, which cannot be resolved by the parties involved along with the school administration, shall be referred to the Superintendent of Schools for review.

Minutes, Financial Statements and Annual Report

All C.S.C. Minutes, Financial Statements and Annual Report will be accessible on the school’s website and at the school, in hard copy, for 4 years.

Revisions to the By-Laws

  • The By-Laws specific to the St. Brigid C.S.C. are to be reviewed annually with changes made as required.

Any proposed changes must be presented to the C.S.C. for review and approval.

  • Election information (where and when)
  • Election package
  • School Council Members (when available)
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