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School Update – Week of November 1, 2021

Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectation

This year, we are focusing on The Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations as a school community. Each month a student from each class will be chosen who represents the OCGE of the month. On award per class will be given for the student that demonstrates these traits through a school-wide virtual assembly.

For November, we will focus on the OCGE of being an ‘Effective Communicator’. An effective communicator speaks, writes and listens honestly, and sensitively, responding critically in light of gospel values.

Indigenous Awareness Month

Throughout the month of November and during this school year, students and staff will acknowledge the contributions and legacy of First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples.

Days of Importance

  • Treaties Recognition Week will be celebrated November 1-7, 2021 to educate students about the importance of treaties.​ 
  • Inuit Day, November 7, 2021. On this day we recognize the cultures, histories, contemporary contexts and rich contributions of Inuit peoples. 
  • National Indigenous Veterans Day, November 8, 2021.  This is a memorial day observed in Canada in recognition of Indigenous contributions to military service, particularly in the First and Second World Wars and the Korean War. 
  • Louis Riel Day, November 16, 2021. Louis Riel was a great Métis leader who helped his people form a government and become part of the newly created Dominion of Canada in 1870. ​

All Saints and All Souls Day

November 1st (All Saints Day) and November 2 (All Souls Day) are solemn holy days of the Catholic Church that are celebrated annually.  As a school community, we will be celebrating these holy days with prayer and discussion in classrooms. 

Fall Donation Fundraiser

We had a fun day celebrating Halloween on Friday at school. Thank you to those who were able to contribute to our fall donation fundraiser.  We raised just over $9000!

Hot Lunch Programs

Our first hot lunch day will begin on Tuesday, November 2nd

Please note, you can continue to place orders for the coming weeks.  See the attached letter for further information regarding ordering:

LBSCO Program Intro Letter – St. Brigid CS, Georgetown 21-22.pdf 

If you have any questions, please contact the office. 

Halloween Candy Drive

St. Brigid is proud to announce that we will be hosting our sixth annual Candy Drive. The school welcomes any peanut/nut free candy donations that our students may wish to provide to the Dr. Simone organization.  This is a great opportunity to share Halloween candy with less fortunate children around the world. Dr. Simone’s charitable organization ships the candy directly to agencies who work with children who are malnourished and often dehydrated. The sugar in the candy stimulates their appetites and saliva which is necessary for these starving children to eat again.

Donations of candy, chocolate and chips will be collected from Monday November 1st-Friday November 5th.  Thank you in advance for your continued support and cooperation.

Catholic School Council

The second Catholic School Council meeting of the school year will take place on Monday, November 1st at 6:30 p.m. in a virtual manner. Any parents that wish to attend as an observer, please email Mrs. Odo at to obtain a link for the meeting.

Halton Food for Thought

Halton Food for Thought partners with the Boards of Education and the community to operate student nutrition programs in our schools.  These volunteer-led meal and snack programs provided over 86,000 Halton students access to healthy food at school.  Halton Food for Thought believes that when given access to healthy food, every student has their best chance for success.

Halton Food for Thought is the sole agency providing Student Nutrition Programs in Halton schools.  Our programs feed students from kindergarten to high school and are free of charge, to everyone in a school community.

At St. Brigid, we have partnered with HFFT to provide a grab and go snack bin program to all classes.


Please refer to your School Cash Online account to pay for agendas for this school year.

Students Leaving for Lunch

Students who are leaving school property for lunch are expected to continue to follow public health guidelines including masking and distancing when in the community. Students are asked to leave school property promptly and return on time by checking in at the main office. Students are not permitted to be congregating in the public park adjacent to the school property. Your assistance in keeping our school community healthy by adhering to public health guidelines is greatly appreciated.

11th Annual HCCF Evening with Bishop Crosby – Virtual Edition

Wed. Nov. 17, 2021 – Reception at 6:30pm; Main Event at 7:00-8:30pm

The Halton Catholic Children’s Foundation (HCCF) supports HCDSB students in need with basic necessities (i.e. food and clothing) & with school activities that have a fee (i.e. team or club fees).

“With this funding the foundation has gratefully reduced the stress impacting the family and helped to ensure access to basic needs.” – HCDSB Social Worker

HCCF needs our help so they can continue to say “yes” to helping HCDSB students with financial barriers to learning.

They are looking for companies to be a sponsor at the event and for community members to purchase tickets and to donate.

It is NOT another Zoom call. We are using so you can have fun and interact with your friends. Enjoy a meal and your favourite beverage while you catch up with others.

Join the Halton Catholic Community for an entertaining experience where you can connect with your friends and hear Bishop Crosby’s stories, sense of humour and wisdom.

For more information visit

Bus Student Seating

Please be reminded that students have been assigned seats on both their morning and afternoon bus routes.  Students have been told their seats at the beginning of the school year and reminded throughout the year if changes occur.

We would ask that you go onto the following link for HSTS to check for your child’s seat on each bus and remind them of their seat numbers.  The seat they sit on in the morning will not necessarily be the same seat at the end of the day.  

It is very important that students sit in their assigned seats.  If there is a COVID-19 situation whereby the bus is involved, we use the seating charts to do contact tracing and determine those affected, therefore ensuring your child knows their seat is critical. 

Daily COVID Screening

Parents/guardians/students must complete the Ontario School Screening Tool each morning prior to or upon arrival for each student.  Students will no longer be required to show/provide their classroom teacher confirmation of screening daily.

Screening Tool:

Students only attend school if a “✅” is  obtained.   Students with COVID-like symptoms or who receive an “X” indicating “Do not go to school” must remain home and isolate as instructed.

Butt, GenevieveSchool Update – Week of November 1, 2021