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An Easter Message from the Chair of our Board

To Our HCDSB family, 

As Catholics, Holy Week is a marked time of renewal and hope, typically pronounced by the physical church as a visible social institution where our clergy are able to tend to us. During these unprecedented times of a pandemic which has led to schools and churches being closed, social distancing, isolation from family, friends and co-workers, our priests are having to find new ways to connect so that we may remain united. 

During this difficult, unsettling time we are privileged that the use of media tools can provide faith-filled content which brings consolation and hope into our homes. We are fortunate that livestreams of Masses are now available, with parishes offering various forms for confession.  

Likewise, Catholic schools have always served to evangelize our culture so that our faith in Christ is never quarantined and grows daily.  

HCDSB teachers, through Distance Learning, continue to build positive online faith-filled communities. As we move through these new, uncharted times, we are faced with challenges for creating community remotely on large scales. HCDSB continues its leadership with a commitment to our parents who’ve entrusted their children to our system, as our educators will continue to connect with kids, authentically and sincerely, to achieve excellence. 

The Board, through its dedicated administrative staff, principals, teachers and educational workers have been working diligently so that every online session explores how to continue community-building and relationship-building strategies, to support children, infusing elements of our faith. Patience will be necessary from everyone as all the elements for delivery to the system are rolled out, tested and tweaked. 

As we enter the “Triduum”, the last three days of prayer before we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I cannot help but to make the connection that this is also the third day of Distance Learning! The timing of Easter when we most need to have faith and hope for a renewal in life is direly needed and welcomed. 

Thank you to one and all for your efforts and please be assured that the HCDSB family will continue with our prayers. Let us keep in mind all those suffering from sickness, who have lost loved ones and those who are stepping up daily to keep us moving in a positive direction. Gratitude is the underpinning of our faith and will help us navigate our daily lives, especially over the next few months. 

Finally, upon reflecting on the current situation, I am struck by the spirit that drives the human soul and the way in which we rise collectively to overcome adversity.  

May God Bless you and keep you safe as we navigate together through these unprecedented times. Let our Easter season be a reminder that there is much light and power in our presence if we follow in the footsteps of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Vincent Iantomasi
Chair of the Board

Gligoric, JulianaAn Easter Message from the Chair of our Board