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School Update – Week of January 27, 2020

St Brigid Weekly Update – Week of January 27, 2020

Dear Parents,

It’s been a busy week!  It was great to meet many of our new kindergarten students and their families who will be starting school in September! Kindergarten Registration, Part 2, must be completed as soon as possible!

St. Brigid School will be hosting its sixth annual Valentine’s Sock Drive in February. Over the last five years, our school community has generously donated 5,496 pairs of socks to people in need.

We may not give socks a second thought, but socks are without a doubt one of the most important clothing needs of the homeless.  Although many people and companies donate clothing, the one thing that is often missing among the donations is socks.  The simple use of a cotton sock can prevent multiple health problems and is inexpensive to provide (you can pick up a pair from the Dollar Store).  The gift of a new pair of socks will provide comfort, warmth and dignity to the less fortunate this winter.

Please consider donating new socks of any style, size, or colour for boys, girls, women and men.  Mrs. Rutherford’s class will be collecting donations at school starting Monday February 3-Tuesday February 18.  All donations will go to the Good Shepherd.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and cooperation.

St Brigid’s will be taking part in National Sweater Day on Thursday, February 6th!

National Sweater Day is an annual event organized by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Canada. On National Sweater Day, WWF asks Canadians from coast to coast to turn down thermostats by two degrees Celsius at home, at school and at work to highlight the role that energy conservation plays in preventing climate change.

Our school buildings will be a little chillier on February 6th, so we are asking that all students wear or bring a sweater to school.

Through participation, we hope to understand how everyday actions affect our planet’s future.

We are looking forward to a cozy day in the classroom!

Mental Health Tip – January 2020

How to talk with your child when you feel concerned that they may be struggling with a mental health concern

It can be challenging to talk about mental health. Sometimes parents, like others, avoid the conversation because they don’t know how to start or they worry that they might put thoughts into their child’s head that had not been there, and will, therefore, make things worse. Research tells us that this is not the case. Bringing up worries, concerns, changes in behaviour etc. with your child will open the lines of communication rather than worsen the situation.  Here are some tips to help you talk to your child about mental health:

  • Find a quiet time when you are unlikely to have interruptions to begin the conversation.
  • Reassure your child that they can tell you anything and you will not get angry with them (even if you get scared).
  • Start the conversation with describing changes you have noticed in their mood, behaviour, reactions etc. e.g., “I have noticed that you seem to be crying more.” If you have had conversations with your child’s teacher about concerns, include comments from the teacher’s observations.
  • Share that you “wonder” about how your child might be feeling, what they might be thinking, what they might be worried about etc. e.g., “I wonder if you’re feeling sad about losing your friendship with Sam.”
  • Allow your child time to reflect before they answer.
  • Stay calm and don’t abandon the conversation if your child responds with “Nothing is wrong……leave me alone”. If this happens, reassure your child that you are there for them. Give your child some time and then try again.
  • If your child tells you anything that makes you worried ( e.g., thoughts of suicide, overwhelming anxiety, self-injurious behaviour like cutting) reassure your child that you are glad they told you and you will help them find the right professional to talk to, and you will be there for them throughout the journey.

The Halton Catholic District School Board has professionals embedded within our schools to support students with a variety of social and emotional challenges. For those students and families who may require an additional level of support, our board has strong community partnerships that we can direct students and families to as it is our collective and shared responsibility to support all within our school communities.

Should you need any assistance with accessing support for your child, please do not hesitate to contact the school.  You can also refer to for more information.

Grade 7 Confirmation will take place on February 8th.  The following times will be in place for each class at Holy Cross Church:

11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. – Mrs. Hager, Ms. D’Souza, Ms. Curtis

1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. – Mr. Lefaive, Mr. Filipiak

Just a reminder that Friday, January 31st is a PA Day!

Upcoming Dates:

February 5th – Winter Walk Day – Keep active this winter! St. Brigid School will join schools across Canada to celebrate Winter Walk Day. Dressing warmly for a brisk winter walk can be exhilarating and fun – give it a try on February 5th! Consider walking to school!

February 20thFirst Aid course make-up date

Information & Reminders for the upcoming week:

Monday, January 27th

  • Holocaust Memorial Day

Tuesday, January 28th

Wednesday, January 29th

  • Grade 7 Confirmation Retreat at Holy Cross Church
  • Grade 8 Faith Day at CTK

Bell Let’s Talk Day is January 29.  LINK 

Thursday, January 30th

Friday, January 31st

  • PA Day

Enjoy the week!

Mrs. Lanois                      Mrs. Butt

Principal                            Vice Principal




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