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Welcome Back to the 2019-2020 School Year

Welcome back to all families and a special welcome to our new families and staff.  We hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing summer and had a chance to spend some needed family time together.  We are all looking forward to working with you in helping your child to grow spiritually, academically, socially and emotionally.  Along with Father Dave Walter, we will continue the excellent work that has been a collaboration of home, Church and school.

Please mark Monday September 30th on your calendars for our Curriculum Night with a BBQ sponsored by our Catholic School Council. Further information will be posted soon.

Class Placements for Students in Grade 1-8

Please be advised that you will be able to access information about your child’s class placement on Friday, August 30, 2019, after 9:00am.  This information will be available on the Board’s website at: On the Home page, please click on the “Schools” tab and then on the “School Listing” tab in the drop-down menu.  You will be directed to the school listing page. Once you have arrived on this page, please click on “Class Placements” for St. Brigid C.E.S.

You will need your child’s OEN number which is available on the June report card.  Please do not call into the school requesting the OEN number as, due to privacy legislation, this information cannot be shared over the phone.  For families new to Ontario and new to the school, please come into the school after 9:00a.m. on Friday, August 30th and your child’s placement information will be shared with you.

Students with Medical Conditions

Medical conditions were provided to families in June so that individual student information and medical plans can be updated for the start of the school year.  Please drop off updated medical packages and medication to the office throughout the week of August 26th.

First Day of School Procedure

Our first day is Tuesday September 3, 2019 for Grades 1-8.  For this day ONLY, parents are welcome to come on to the playground.

  • Grades One to Four will gather in the gymnasium. Classroom teachers will have a sign with their name and the grade on it.
  • Grades Five to Eight students will go directly to their portable or classroom as listed on the class placement portal.  Rooms that are numbered in 100s are on the main floor. 200s are on the second floor. We have thirteen portables – portables 1 to 6 are on the west side (i.e., adjacent Kiss n Ride parking lot). Portables 7 to 12 are in the south end (i.e., behind the playground/blacktop) and portable 13 is on the east side of the yard.

If you or your child do not know their placement, please approach a staff member and they can direct you to a staff person with all student placements.   The bell will ring at 9 a.m. Please say good-bye to your child and allow the teachers to begin the school year.  Parents/Guardians, unfortunately you are not allowed to follow students to the classrooms. Safe Entry begins.

We also ask that you do not bring any animals on school property.  We know that they are a part of your family; however, we have students with allergies and others that may be frightened by your animal.  We never know how an animal will react in a new situation.  Thank you for your understanding.

For our Kindergarten students, our year 1 (JK) students have been notified via a letter stated access to their interviews and start date.  For our year 2 (SK) students, the first day of school will be Thursday September 5th.  All students are to enter the Kindergarten entrance.

We look forward to seeing all of you soon and to an excellent year at St. Brigid Catholic School!

Claire Lanois, Principal

Genevieve Butt, Vice Principal

Elementary PrincipalWelcome Back to the 2019-2020 School Year