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St. John’s Bible Visits St. Bernadette

Please see below for schedule and information. Parents are invited to view the St. John’s Bible with their child or from 2:50-3:15pm. Any questions please contact the main office.


Tools of the Trade: workshop focusing on the calligraphy of the Bible, students make a decorated versal. Facilitated by a member of the Hamilton Calligraphy Guild.
The Art of The Saint John’s Bible: a 40 -minute workshop (40 minutes per class) where students explore the tools and materials the artists used to create illuminations in the Bible; time to use watercolour crayons to build part of an illumination, finish in class.

Bugs in the Bible: 30 to 40 -minute session where students learn about the significance and symbolism on the insects and creatures found in the pages of the Bible

Elementary Vice-PrincipalSt. John’s Bible Visits St. Bernadette