Staff Directory


Mr. Josey GuerinElementary Principal
Ms. Tracey BabicElementary Vice-Principal

Support Staff

Mrs. Maria Cristina Braganza-NeraLibrary Technician
Mrs. Lori MarshallOffice Assistant
Mrs. Lori MarshallOffice Assistant Enhanced Funding
Mrs Danielle OudesluysChild and Youth Counsellor
Mrs. Milica SimovicElementary School Secretary
Mrs. Nicole XavierOffice Assistant

Teaching Staff

Ms. Angela D'AlonzoElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Ms. Rebecca MorganElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Mr. Daniel PalazzeseElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Mlle Jennifer CarrollElementary Teacher, French - Core
Ms. Lisa McNeilElementary Teacher, French - Core
Mlle Stephanie BennettElementary Teacher, French - Early French Immersion
Mme Erin VanmarckeElementary Teacher, French - Early French Immersion
Ms. Jessica AntonelliElementary Teacher, French - Extended French Immersion
Mlle Michelle De MeloElementary Teacher, French - Extended French Immersion
Mme Maria HandElementary Teacher, French - Extended French Immersion
Ms. Lianne JohnstonElementary Teacher, French - Extended French Immersion
Mrs. Rosanna MastrangeloElementary Teacher, Full Day Kindergarten
Mrs. Lisa MessomElementary Teacher, Full Day Kindergarten
Mrs. Stephanie WilsonElementary Teacher, Full Day Kindergarten
Ms. Maria-Luisa D'Ambrosio FigliomeniElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Ms. Nicole FletenElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Miss Alyson KirkwoodElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Mrs. Michelle KwasnikElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Miss Erica TrombettaElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Ms. Erica AgninoElementary Teacher, Grade 2
Ms. Ivana MazzoratoElementary Teacher, Grade 2
Mr. Alvaro MeloElementary Teacher, Grade 2
Ms. Melanie KuchtaElementary Teacher, Grade 2 English Portion of F.I.
Ms. Christina D'AmbraElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Miss Tonia UngoloElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Ms. Lisa EmesElementary Teacher, Grade 3 French Immersion English
Ms. Maya ZehairiElementary Teacher, Grade 4
Mr. Michael ZenoneElementary Teacher, Grade 4 English Portion of F.I.
Ms. Michelle HermanElementary Teacher, Grade 4 French Immersion, French
Miss Stephanie CoombesElementary Teacher, Grade 4/5
Mrs. Elizabeth Costa-DaMaiaElementary Teacher, Grade 4/5
Mr. Reuben RiversElementary Teacher, Grade 5
Ms. Kathryn Wickware ParkElementary Teacher, Grade 5
Mrs. Kristina MacecevicElementary Teacher, Grade 5 French Immersion English
Mrs. Susan AasElementary Teacher, Grade 6
Mrs. Catherine KainoElementary Teacher, Grade 6
Mr. Mark SavelElementary Teacher, Grade 6
Ms. Leanna DaPonteElementary Teacher, Grade 6 English Portion of F.I.
Ms Emma RyanElementary Teacher, Grade 6 French Immersion, French
Ms. Laura SwitenkyElementary Teacher, Grade 7
Miss Stephanie MacielElementary Teacher, Grade 7/8
Ms. Sandy Skradski-OuelletteElementary Teacher, Grade 8 French Immersion English
Ms. Lydia McGowanElementary Teacher, Grade 8 French Immersion, French
Ms. Melanie SilvaElementary Teacher, Grade 8 Music
Ms. Sandra BalardoElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Ms. Laura WilsonElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Ms. Leanne HollandElementary Teacher, Planning Time Teacher
Mr. Carlo CerminaraElementary Teacher, Primary Team Member
Ms. Andria HarveyElementary Teacher, Primary Team Member
Ms. Angela RudnickiElementary Teacher, Primary Team Member
Mrs. Caryn Scott-McKayElementary Teacher, Primary Team Member
Ms. Cynthia BaillieEducational Assistant
Mrs. Joanne BlazinaEducational Assistant
Mrs. Elizabeth ButlerDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Mrs. Cheryl DavisDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Ms. Alison FarrugiaDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Ms. Ashley GreeneEducational Assistant
Ms. Alison HarringtonEducational Assistant
Mrs. Maria (Janet) LabugaEducational Assistant
Ms. Kristi MifsudDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Mrs. Susan MonizDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Mrs. Michelle OramEducational Assistant
Mrs. Lynn SartoriEducational Assistant
Ms. Tanya WilsonEducational Assistant

Custodial Staff

Mr. Brian Blankstein
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