About Our School

St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School, located at 80 McLaughlin Avenue, opened in September, 2014.

St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School, in collaboration with home and parish, is committed to establishing a solid learning foundation rooted in faith; empowering our students to reach their unique and full potential by becoming reflective and creative thinkers, compassionate members of society, and stewards of God’s creation.

Catholic Learning Environment: At St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School we use language and conversation that reflects the gospel values of mutual respect, care and value for the dignity of each person. We are dedicated to reading the Scripture, celebrating the Sacraments, praying and engaging in symbols and rituals of the Catholic Church.

Catholic Community:   We    are   a    community committed to loving and serving as a people of faith in our community, and our society, and to living out the  Gospel  message  through  justice  and  charity. Love  of  God  and  our  neighbour  is  the  first  and greatest commandment basic to our Christian faith. Catholic Curriculum: Our Catholic School teaches the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum with a difference – grounded in the Religion and Family Life education programs. Our goal at St. Benedict is to help our students look at their world through a Catholic  lens  as  they  become  critical  Catholic learners.

Catholic School Staff: Staff at St. Benedict Catholic Elementary School shares a common focus on faith and considers and treats each child as a unique gift from God with individual talents and abilities. We teach our students to respect the rights and dignity of all people in a caring community.

For more information regarding programming or school operations, please contact:

Mr. J. Guerin


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