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Weekly Update Jan. 18

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On Monday January 18th, we reflect and celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, who made history by disrupting how we think and live, inspiring the world to move forward in faith and love. “Love on another like I have love you.” ~John 13:34

Mental Health & Well Being

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In our roles as parents, we must continue to help our children feel heard, understood and supported, but you don’t have to do it alone.  Our child and youth mental health centres across Ontario have been providing front-line mental health supports throughout the pandemic helping families navigate, not only the mental health of children, but that of the entire family. 

If you don’t feel like you are coping well, or if you or your child’s mental health is suffering, please reach out for help. If you’re seeing behaviours in your child or teen that you’re unsure about, reach out.  If you want to talk to a professional about ways to manage the frustrations or the lack of motivation your child is facing in remote learning, reach out. Our child and youth mental health care professionals can help. 

If you feel like the challenges you are experiencing are impacting how you and your family function, please reach out for help. There is no issue or question too big or too small.  

In many parts of Ontario, one call will connect you with a virtual walk-in clinic that can help steer you in the right direction to get further supports or help you with the issues you are facing that day. 

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our Find Help web page. When you enter your child’s age and your region, you will be directed on who to contact for help. 

If you are the parent or a caregiver of a child with mental health need, consider connecting with fellow parents on a similar journey through Parents for Children’s Mental Health. Email to join a local peer support group and meet parents who want to support you. 

We have online resources, too. 

Working with child and youth mental health professionals, Children’s Mental Health Ontario has created many online resources to help. 

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Teacher Absences

There may be times when your child’s teacher must be absent due to illness or other reasons. When this happens, we do our best to ensure a supply teacher is assigned to cover the class for the day.  Unfortunately, due to ongoing demands across our school district, supply teachers are not always available to cover every absence on any given day.

When a supply teacher is assigned, they will take attendance in the morning, and again after lunch, as per our usual practice. Your child will work on the asynchronous activities that have been posted in D2L, and the supply teacher will be available to answer questions and support students through these activities.

If a supply teacher is not available, your child will work on the asynchronous activities posted in D2L.

Regardless of whether a supply teacher has been assigned to cover the classroom teacher’s absence, your child’s Core French/Social Studies/Arts class will proceed and the FSL/PTM/Arts teacher will be online to provide synchronous instruction, as scheduled.

We will communicate with parents and guardians when a classroom teacher is absent, and let you know if a supply teacher has been assigned.  

Thank you for your ongoing flexibility, support and understanding during this period of remote learning.


We have had many TECH related inquires.  We are hoping the following information will help, if you are having technical difficulties online:

  • check your WIFI to make sure you are connected properly
  • choose CHROME as your internet browser, as it is a better support for OFFICE 365 applications
  • ensure that your child’s HCDSB username and password is correct (your child’s teacher has this information)
  • If using the TEAMS APP you must log-in with your child’s HCDSB username & password to engage in all the features.  For more direction, click this > video

If you still need Tech Support, you can contact our HCDSB Tech Help Desk:


Remote Learning Continues: Elementary schools will be closed for in-person learning until January 25, 2021– all elementary students will learn remotely from home. In-school instruction for HCDSB elementary school students is scheduled to resume on Monday, January 25, 2021. Please continue to listen to the news for updates.

Attendance continues to be an integral part in student learning. While students are participating in Remote Learning, they are expected to be in full attendance and participating in their classes. Educators will be taking attendance twice daily (as we regularly do in the mornings and the afternoons). If you know that your child will be away, please report absence in the Safe Arrival System- if your child is marked absent by the educator without you reporting the absence, you will receive a notification. We appreciate your continued support and are committed to working together for success.

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