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Weekly Update May 25

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HCCEF Fast Fundraiser

Mr. Guerin has committed to supporting the Halton Catholic Children’s Education Foundation this year. This organization has supported the St. Benedict community to date with over $5500. The HCCEF have helped 35 families and 60 students in our school community. In turn, we would like to support this organization with your help. We are asking you to sponsor Mr. Guerin, as he has committed to the following to help raise money for this foundation:

Sunday, May 31> Mr. Guerin will walk 24 km in 24 hours.

Monday, June 1> Mr. Guerin will lead the Holy Rosary at sunrise, noon, and sunset. Please click on this link to provide your email to join these virtual prayer sessions with Mr. Guerin: CLICK HERE

Tuesday, June 2> Mr. Guerin will be fasting for 24 hours.

Please go to School Cash Online to donate and support this important fundraiser.

Learning Commons Update

FREE Family Friendly Films

Ontario Science Centre: Free Family-Friendly Films Free Family-friendly Films. Science is everywhere. Learning can happen anywhere. From dinos to mummies, and oceans to musical history, enjoy free educational films that are suitable for the whole family!

Mental Health and Well Being Tip

We continue to feel grateful to journey through these times with all of you. Thank you for your continued support. Our prayers continue to be dedicated to all of you.

Stay safe and healthy,

Mr. Guerin, Mrs. Babic & Mrs. Le Conte

Elementary Vice-PrincipalWeekly Update May 25