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Weekly Update March 30

Find the light….. in the darkness

Dear St. Benedict Families,

We hope this finds everyone well and keeping healthy and adjusting to our new home routines.  We will be continuing our Weekly Updates to our school community, sharing information and resources as they become available.  As always, you are welcome to reach out to Mr. Guerin, Mrs. Le Conte or Mrs. Babic if you have any questions.  Our email addresses can be found on the school website:  You will also find on our school site some Mental Health Tips & Resources for Families, should you be looking: 

We kindly request that you check this email address regularly for ongoing updates.  If you know of a St. Benedict family not currently receiving information, please ask them to email us or please email us on their behalf so we may reach out.  You could also direct them to check their clutter/junk mail folder, if they cannot find the email.  Also, please continue checking our website for updates, resources and next steps. 

Last week, resources from the Ministry of Education were sent out via for parents to access.  Please check these out if you have not already done so.  In the meantime, our staff is hard at work developing online Distance Learning platforms for each of their classrooms.  You can expect to have heard from your son/daughter’s teacher(s) by Monday, March 30th with some more information about how they will be sharing curriculum content for your children to access, when they can.   If you have not heard from your teacher by the end of the day tomorrow, please contact Mr. Guerin.   

Over the past week, our staff has been gathering virtually daily to pray.  We pray for the healing of Damian Thomas and strength for his family.  We pray for our school community, for the well-being of your children and each of you.  We pray for our own family members and the global community affected by this pandemic.  We pray for all those who have fallen ill and are unable to be surrounded by their loved ones at this time.  We pray for our front-line and essential service workers who are working incredibly hard to look after us.  We pray for those who have lost their employment during this crisis, and for their families to continue to be able to access resources for their safety.  We pray for our leaders, that God may guide them with His grace to make decisions that promote good health and safety for all of us. 

School administration will continue to meet with staff over virtual platforms, focusing individually with the different divisions so that we can ensure consistent programming and planning across the grades and division.  Each teacher will select the Distance Learning Platform of their choice, and forward you the necessary instructions for how to access content and communication.  

Finally, today’s Gospel (John 11: 1-45) is the story of the death of Lazarus.  We read Jesus’ words:  

Are there not twelve hours of daylight? Those who walk during the day do not  stumble, because they see the light of this world.  But those who walk at night  stumble, because the light is not in them. (John 11: 9-10)

Let this serve as a reminder for us to be a light for others in the world, and how we might be of service and comfort to those around us.  For those of you who may feel like you are stumbling in the night because you may be feeling anxiety or stress or fear of the unknown, we pray for you and that you may find Christ’s light in your hearts. 

God Bless and above all take care of yourselves and families,  

Mr. Guerin, Mrs. Babic & Mrs. Le Conte 

The following pictures are from Mr. Guerin’s walk with his dogs.  Enjoy these messages of hope and inspiration… 

Elementary Vice-PrincipalWeekly Update March 30