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Weekly Update January 27

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Family Literacy Day – Monday January 27

Family Literacy Day takes place every January 27th to raise awareness about the importance of reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family. Since 1999, thousands of schools, libraries, literacy organizations and other community groups have taken part in the initiative. It is important to model and show our children how much we love and use reading every day.  Daily reading is crucial to a child’s development, improving literacy skills for all.  Click here for Fun Literacy ideas:

International Holocaust Memorial Day

Tomorrow, Monday, January 27th, we will recognize and participate in the International Holocaust Memorial Day by commemorating the tragedy of the Holocaust that occurred during the Second World War. Through special prayers during morning announcements, we will take time to reflect and pray for the Holocaust survivors.

Valentine Dance-A-Thon- Thursday February 13

St. Benedict School is very excited to announce that we will be participating in a Valentine-Dance-A-Thon on Thursday Feb. 13th.  All money raised will be invested in our students (i.e. technology, program materials, guest speakers, and so on).  We are in need of PRIZES FOR STUDENTS, that will help raise money at this event.  Some donations we have received in the past consisted of: gift cards, speakers, sports tickets, movie tickets, various technology, dinner vouchers, and so on.  We thank you in advance for all your support with this exciting event.

Kiss & Ride Lane

Parents we need your help!  For student safety, and safety of all, we are asking that you use this very busy lane,  cautiously and efficiently.  Please do not double park and create different lanes.  We have had some car accidents, which is causing an unsafe environment for our school community, especially our students.  Therefore, we need you to follow some safety guidelines below:

  • If you need to get out of your car (i.e. to find/meet your child, please find a parking spot). It is not an option to park in the Kiss and Ride Lane.  We are aware that parking is difficult at these times, so please plan ahead or use the adjacent streets as an alternate option.
  •  DROP OFF: please have student bags accessible, for a quick and safe exit.
  •  PICK UP: please keep the Kiss & Ride Lanes moving, by moving your vehicle up, to make space behind you.  We have a lot of traffic sitting on McLaughlin, which causes issues for our buses.
  • Please have students enter and exit the cars from the side walk, avoiding running in between cars.
  •  Please walk when/if possible.  As an option for our older students, you could make a plan for pickup on a less busy nearby street.  This would help decrease the amount of traffic in our parking lots.

Halton Region and Novel Coronavirus

Please click on this link for key messages about the virus: 2019 Novel Coronavirus – Key Messages (1) 

Watershed Advisory

Jan Flood Advisory (click on the link for important information)

Uniform Expectations

Currently, our uniform is provided by ISW.  Please click on the ISW link on our website, for more details.  All students are expected to have a school logo top (shirt or sweater), with NAVY BLUE bottoms.  We do have some donated uniform items at the office, if your child requires extra pieces.  Students will be given the option of borrowing uniform pieces, or calling home, if found out of uniform.  Thank you for helping with this.

Lost and Found

We have many items (gloves, hats, snow pants, boots, lunch bags), in our lost and found.  Currently, they are sorted on a table, in front of the office.  Students have been asked to come and take a look for lost items.  Please stop by and have a look, if your child has lost anything.  These items will be placed back in the bin on Friday.

Wednesday is Bell Let’s Talk Day

Let’s take extra time this week to promote well-being– How to talk to your child when you feel there is a mental health concern: It can be challenging to talk about mental health. Sometimes parents, like others, avoid the conversation because they don’t know how to start or they worry that they might put thoughts into their child’s head that had not been there, and will therefore, make things worse. Research tells us that this is not the case. Bringing up worries, concerns, changes in behaviour etc. with your child will open the lines of communication rather than worsen the situation. Here are some tips to help you talk to your child about mental health:

  • Find a quiet time when you are unlikely to have interruptions to begin the conversation.
  • Reassure your child that they can tell you anything and you will not get angry with them (even if you get scared).
  • Start the conversation with describing changes you have noticed in their mood, behaviour, reactions etc. e.g., “I have noticed that you seem to be crying more.” If you have had conversations with your child’s teacher about concerns, include comments from the teacher’s observations.
  • Share that you “wonder” about how your child might be feeling, what they might be thinking, what they might be worried about etc. e.g., “I wonder if you’re feeling sad about losing your friendship with Sam.”
  • Allow your child time to reflect before they answer.
  • Stay calm and don’t abandon the conversation if your child responds with “Nothing is wrong……leave me alone”. If this happens, reassure your child that you are there for them. Give your child some time and then try again.

If your child tells you anything that makes you worried (e.g., thoughts of suicide, overwhelming anxiety, self-injurious behaviour like cutting) reassure your child that you are glad they told you and you will help them find the right professional (click on link) to talk to, and you will be there for them throughout the journey.

Please see for more information.

Friday January31- PA Day- Friendly reminder that there is no school for students on Friday January 31 as it is a PA Day.


Thank you for your continued support.  Wishing you a warm and safe week,

Mr. Guerin, Mrs. Le Conte & Mrs. Babic
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