We have approximately 1000 students at St. Anthony of Padua School and heavy traffic close to the bell time is inevitable if people choose to drive their children to school. We are asking for your assistance in ensuring the safety of our students, staff and families in the parking lots.  We do encourage families to walk or ride to school as part of their daily routines.  Walking or riding has many benefits, including a healthier lifestyle, quality family time, safer ways of travelling and it is eco-friendly.

Everyone is busy in the morning and afternoon with places to get to.  Blocking the thru lane ties up traffic and makes others late for work and wherever else they need to be.  More importantly, it creates a safety issue for our school community.  I’m sure we can all agree that safety is more important than convenience.

If at any time you feel that someone is compromising the safety of students, there is an online reporting system that can be found at Go to “Services” then, “Report Traffic Complaint.”

If you do need to drive, please see the following visuals of the rules of our parking lot:

East Side Parking Lot

West Side Parking Lot

This represents areas that are NO PARKING zones. We ask that drivers do not stop or get out of their vehicle in any of these areas.  Please do not double park or block in vehicles that have been parked in legitimate parking spots.  We also ask that no one stop, park or get out of their vehicles in the areas that are blocked by pylons.

This represents the area for quick drop off and pickups. Please do NOT get out of your vehicle in this area and do NOT pass any vehicle dropping off or picking up a student(s). If you need to assist students in or out of the vehicle we ask that you find a legitimate parking spot in the parking lot or find a spot on a nearby street and walk to meet your child(ren).

This represents the areas where At NO POINT should anyone stop, park or get out of their vehicle if in these areas.

We are respectfully asking that you assist us with these requests.  If we can all work together, the parking situation can run more efficiently.  For the safety of students, parents and staff, we need your co-operation and understanding.

De Franco, RobParking