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Weekly Update: Sept 14 – 18

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Thank you for your patience and assistance in making the staggered return to school for our in-class learners as safe as possible. Beginning Monday, all students from SK-8 will return to school full-time, with all JKs fulltime beginning Tuesday. Students in the remote academy will receive notification from the board as to what the return to school will look like. We would like to share a few reminders as we begin the school year:

Morning Routine:

Students will be entering the school at their assigned door and going to their class upon their arrival in the morning. Students will not be permitted in the school before 9:00 AM as that is when supervision begins. For safety, we ask that children not be on school property before this time.

If you are driving your child to school, we encourage families to park in a designated parking spot if you must exit your car. We ask that you please keep the Kiss N’ Ride areas moving. We have staff on hand in the Kiss N’ Ride zones to assist children upon arrival.

Lunch Routines

To maintain the safety of student cohorts, we ask that students stay at school over the lunch hour. If your child needs to leave the school for lunch, we ask that a parent/guardian pick them up directly from the school and make those arrangements ahead of time with the school.

Parent Communication

As we do not have agendas this year, please communicate with staff via email or phone message. Classroom teachers will communicate with parents the use of D2L or other apps, such as Remind, as applicable.

Self – Assessment

It is imperative that students and staff complete the Covid-19 Self Assessment on a daily basis and stay home if exhibiting any symptoms. Students, with no pre-existing conditions, who exhibit symptoms during the school day will be sent home and referred to a medical practitioner for advice or testing.


Students are required to wear masks upon entry into the school on a daily basis. Mask breaks will occur during scheduled outdoor times.


Students have been reviewing proper hand-washing and sanitizing. Please review these with your child and encourage them to make them a part of their regular routine.

Health and Medical

Student Plans of Care, for in-school students, will have been sent home by end of the day Monday, September 14th for parent review and signature. If you believe you should have received a form and did not or if your child has a new life-threatening condition, please contact Mrs. Owens at the school. If you have not already done so, please ensure a spare EpiPen or inhaler is sent in to keep on file in the office. Students from grades 1-8 should be carrying devices on their person.

If your child requires medication during the day, please contact the school to acquire the required form. Any medications would have to be in a properly labeled container.

Safe Arrival:

Please remember to inform the school of your child’s absence through School Messenger ( or 1-844-445-4505)

Visitors to the School:

At this time, there will be no unauthorized visits to the school. Visits are limited to emergency purposes and all visitors must complete the required paperwork before entering the school. Only staff and students are permitted in the schoolyard.

Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have any questions about their daily routines or procedures or contact administration at the school.

Your Partners in Catholic Education,

G. Giacalone, D. Owens, E. Scannell

Owens, DonnaWeekly Update: Sept 14 – 18