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Weekly Update: June 8 – 12

Dear Parents and Guardians:

As we head into the second week of June, we continue to send our best wishes to you and your families and are keeping you in our prayers. There are still three weeks left in the school year and we encourage students to continue to participate in their online classrooms. We are currently finalizing plans to ensure students receive their belongings from the school, including epi-pens and inhalers as well as provide an opportunity for school belongings to be returned, during the last week of school. In the coming days, information about this process as well as safety guidelines will be sent in a separate e-mail. Report cards will be sent digitally this year. More information will be sent out as details are finalized.

In case you missed prior communication, the following information has been provided to parents in the past few weeks:

Students New to Kindergarten in September: Please click on the link to access the Kindergarten Orientation Page.

Grade 8 Graduation: An e-mail with details and a survey link has been sent to all families. Parents are asked to respond to the survey by Monday June 8th. If you require this information, please reach out to your child’s teacher or administration.

Are you Moving? If your child is not returning to St. Anthony in September, please ensure you notify the school. We appreciate your support.

Please find below Mrs. Morris’ Mental Health Tips for this week. Please click on the link to access the PDF with links.

Continue to reach out if you need assistance in any way.

Your partners in Catholic Education,

Mr. G. Giacalone, Ms. L. MacLennan, Mrs. D. Owens

Elementary Vice-PrincipalWeekly Update: June 8 – 12