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Weekly Update: June 1 – 5

Again, our hearts were tasked with faith—
a promise made by Jesus.
Another gift was soon to come,
right after he would leave us.
The Holy Spirit would visit soon.
The disciples lit by fire.
Behold the birthday of our Church—
these events that did inspire.
And from this day, the path was set
of many tongues, so all could get
the Word of God, for all to hear
to spread our faith, both far and near.
– Loyola Press

Dear Parents and Guardians:

As we celebrate the feast of the Pentecost, may you and your families be blessed by the Holy Spirit with happiness and good health during these challenging times.

This week, we enter our ninth week of distance learning. As the days get warmer, please encourage children to continue to participate in their online forums. Students and parents should reach out to teachers if experiencing difficulty.

Retrieval of Belongings: In conjunction with the board of health, the HCDSB is formulating a plan for parents to retrieve student belongings from the school. This will most likely take place the last week of June. More information will be provided when plans are finalized.

Student Plans of Care: Normally at this time, we would be sending home copies of student plans of care for your perusal and update in preparation for the next school year. For the beginning of September, we will use the current forms which will be updated when we return to school. If your child has a medical condition which has yet to be identified, please contact the school for a blank form.

Refunds: As per previous communication, refunds for payments made through cashonline have been processed. If you have not received your refund, please contact the school. Procedures are still being formulated to refund payments made by cheque, cash or Visa. Thank you for your patience.

Are you Moving? If you are moving out of St. Anthony of Padua boundaries and your child won’t be attending our school next year, please notify our secretary Mrs. Channer ( as soon as possible.

Please continue to reach out to administration if you require assistance or referral to community agencies.

Your partners in Catholic Education,

Mr. G. Giacalone, Ms. L. MacLennan, Mrs. D. Owens

Owens, DonnaWeekly Update: June 1 – 5