About Our School Council

The Catholic School Council is the official advisory body to the school’s principal. Their respective duties include:

  • Developing, recommending and promoting activities which will enhance the quality of school programs
  • Improve the levels of student achievement
  • Enhance the accountability of the education system to parents

For the 2019/2020 Academic Year all positions have been acclaimed. The Council is comprised of elected and appointed representatives of the school community. Meetings are held at 6:30p.m. in the school library. All parents are welcome to attend.


Your St. Anne Catholic School Council Members are:

  • Andrea Floran-Marini, Co-Chair
  • Ghazaleh Almeida, Co-Chair
  • John McKinney, Secretary
  • Annette Palalas, Parish Representative
  • Mabel Watt, Community Representative
  • Ovidiu Cornea, Parent Representative
  • Rudy Dahdal, Parent Representative
  • Angie Dunlop, Parent Representative
  • Lisa Fedor-Gould, Parent Representative
  • Amanda Ferraro, Parent Representative
  • Josie Genco, Parent Representative
  • Stella Iatropoulos, Parent Representative
  • Claudiu Preda, Parent Representative
  • Kais Qusous, Parent Representative
  • Vito Roppo, Parent Representative
  • Hanan Salem Shahtit, Parent Representative
  • Rory Sneyd, Teaching Staff Representative
  • Jennifer Commisso, Non-Teaching Staff Representative
  • Nancy Dinolfo, Principal
  • Yolanda Esposito, Vice Principal
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