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Focus on Faith: Community & the Common Good

This month’s Catholic Social Teaching is COMMUNITY AND THE COMMON GOOD which is the foundational theme for Grades 3 and Grade 5.

Common good is to be understood as “the sum total of social conditions which allow people, either as groups or as individuals, to reach their fulfillment more fully and more easily.” The common good concerns the life of all. It consists of three essential elements: First, the common good presupposes respect for the person as such. In the name of the common good, public authorities are bound to respect the fundamental and inalienable rights of the human person. Second, the common good requires the social well-being and development of the group itself. And Third, the common good requires peace, that is, the stability and security of a just order.

Using this teaching, our school will incorporate this theme into all curriculum areas, giving your children opportunities to:

· understand that the human person, created in the image of God, is both sacred and social

· recognize that human dignity can only be realized and protected in the context of relationships with the wider society

· recognize that the way in which we create a society directly affects humanity and the capacity of persons to grow in community

· recognize that every person has the obligation to contribute to the common good of any society

· describe the role of social institutions in contributing to the common good of society

“If one member suffers, all suffer together with it: if one member is honoured, all rejoice together with it.” (1Corinthians 12:26) We are called to respect each other and work for the good of others, the common good. 

Melanson, BrianFocus on Faith: Community & the Common Good