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Entry Procedures


To all our St. Anne Families!

Thank you all for a smooth first day!

We have checked in on every classroom once again today, getting to see some familiar eyes and meet new ones! Thank you all for your support in helping this amazing staff assist your children in adjusting to being back in school while relearning all the procedures and Public Health protocols.

Yesterday we emailed you our Exit Procedures. That email is also posted on our school website, which you can find here:

Starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 9th when we all return to school together, we will NOT be meeting in the back playground. ENTRY Procedures will once again be direct entry into the school starting at 8:25am until 8:40am. This means that upon arrival any time after 8:25am, students will be allowed through their DESIGNATED ENTRY DOOR to go directly to their classroom. These procedures were shown to each group of students this week by their teachers. This helps us maintain physical distancing as we can’t have everyone out on the yard in the morning at the same time. Please review this information with your children, so that you know the area to drop them off starting on Monday. For your specific entrances each morning moving forward, please see the information below:

DOOR #3 (beside the K yard)DOOR #10 (park side, side door towards the back)DOOR #11 (park side, side door towards the front)
Mrs. Rodin (Kindergarten)Mrs. Keogan (Gr 4 – Rm 106)Ms. Bolzan (Gr 1 – Rm 109)
Mrs. Mallett (Gr 1 – Rm 203)Mr. Driscoll (Gr 6 – Rm 207)Mrs. Maher (Gr 1 – Rm 108)
Mrs. Wybraniec (Gr 1 – Rm 204)Mrs. Martin (Gr 6 – Rm 210)Mrs. Zutt (Gr 1/2 – Rm 107)
Mrs. Forsyth (Gr 3 – Rm 220)Ms. Wozniak (Gr 7 – Rm 211)Mrs. Lupo (Gr 2 – Rm 215)
Ms. Pinto (Gr. 3 – Rm 221)Mr. Campanelli (Gr 7/8 – Rm 208)Mrs. Guinto (Gr 2 – Rm 216)
Mrs. Forbes (Gr 3 – Rm 202)Ms. Galasso (Gr 8 – Rm 209)Mrs. Carbone (Gr 2 – Rm 217)
Mr. Ciavarra (Gr 5 – Rm 206)Mr. Walmsley (Gr 8 – Rm 212)Miss Longo (Gr 3 – Rm 219)
Ms. DiGiulio (Gr 6 – Rm 205) Mr. Osadciw (Gr 7 – Rm 218)
Mrs. Staples (Gr 7 – Rm 201)  

REMINDER: Primary classes will still exit at the end of the day to the back playground for pickup. The above doors for Grades 1-3 are for the MORNING ENTRY only. Grades 4-8 have the same entry and exit doors.

Kindergarten students will enter as usual on the Kindergarten side through their classroom doors inside the gate starting at 8:25am. Mrs. Rodin’s class will enter through DOOR #3, which is the school door directly beside the Kindergarten Fenced Yard. This is the same entry as their exit procedures at dismissal.

GRADE 4 AND GRADE 5 PORTABLE CLASSROOMS will be entering directly into their portables from the playground every morning starting at 8:25am until 8:40am.

Please arrive before the bell at 8:40am. After the final bell at 8:40am the doors will be closed and locked. Late students will need to proceed to the front door for entry with a late slip.

If you are dropping off or picking up your child(ren) to and from school, we recommend avoiding our parking lots and meeting students on the sidewalks. Please remember our Public Health guidelines and limit the amount of people coming to the school for pick up (and drop off) and spread out while you wait for your child(ren) as best you can. At the end of the day you can enter onto the playground at the back. Please remember to keep all pets off our school property when you are dropping off or picking up your children. Thank you for your continued cooperation and support as we work together to protect everyone to ensure a safe and healthy return to school!

Melanson, BrianEntry Procedures