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Weekly Update March 30

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. ” Hebrews 6:10

Social Distancing or Isolation

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we all must do our part in maintaining social distancing and in remaining in isolation if we have recently traveled. God calls us to take care of one another in our community and globally and this is a small way, although difficult, of doing just that. Please click HERE for more info on the Coronavirus.

Support For Families

This is a difficult time in our lives right now. Some families may be struggling. This is understandable and for this reason HALTON FOOD FOR THOUGHT, FOOD FOR LIFE and FOOD 4 KIDS has put together a resource offering support to families. Please click HERE to access the resource. For those families that require support with other basic needs, other than food, please contact Mrs. Dinolfo.

Mental Health Support

With the flurry of media coverage on COVID-19, children may have difficulty coping. Click HERE for some resources families may want to use with their children.


Business Services will be issuing refunds to parents, who made purchases through School Cash Online for food items, trips, etc., that have been cancelled due to school closures. For parents who paid by cheque, Mrs. Tharby, our Secretary, will be issuing school cheques as refunds, only if and when, Public Health allows staff access to the school. No access has been given at this time. Thank you for your patience.


Thank you to all those families that have filled out the survey regarding access to WiFi or technological devices within your home. Approximately 70% of our families have completed the survey. We need this information to help us move forward with teacher-led online plans, if or when, the school closure is extended. Please click HERE if you have not yet completed the survey.

Communication From Teachers

All parents should be receiving communication from their child’s classroom teacher over the next few days (if they have not yet received any). Communication may come in the form of an email or through one of the applications that have been used through this academic year, such as Twitter, Remind, DOJO, etc.

Teachers are in the process of establishing a platform (D2L, Microsoft 365 or Google Classroom) for each of their classes. This is new learning for some of our teachers, your support and patience is greatly appreciated. Some of your children may be very familiar with these platforms, while others may not. Please reassure them that we are all in this together in this new learning.

Over the next week, each teacher will be providing supplemental resources to what the Ministry of Education has already provided. Please take the time to share these resources with your children.

In the event that there is an extension, our teachers will be ready for online teaching through the existing or new platforms created. They will communicate with you regarding the time that they are available for questions and/or support. Please remember each teacher has a minimum of 20 students and approximately 40 parents to connect with weekly. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for each teacher to respond to inquiries. Connecting with your children will be their first priority. Please click HERE for access to the Digital Learning Resources.


We will be connecting with all families that do not have electronic devices at home to find alternatives to providing the necessary academic programming. We understand that there may be future issues with regards to connectivity and/or data usage and enough devices available for all children in your home, including children with assigned special education equipment. We are awaiting direction from the Ministry with regards to moving forward with such issues. We will be doing the best we can, given the circumstances, to ensure the success of all students.

St. Anne Tips

Teaching children the importance of giving to others, whether time, money or energy, is one of the most valuable character traits in a child of God. The Bible is filled with verses and examples of people of all ages helping others. It doesn’t matter if you have a lot to give or a little, it’s the heart that matters! Read these Scriptures about helping others and be encouraged today to go make a difference in someone’s life! You never know how a small act of kindness can draw someone closer to God.

Elementary Vice-PrincipalWeekly Update March 30