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Girls’ Intermediate Municipal Soccer Tournament

May 29, 2019 @ 8:00 am – 3:10 pm
Lions Sports Park Milton
99 Thompson Rd South

Oakville Girls Municipal Tournament Schedule (May 29)

30 Minute games for Pool A and 50 minute games for Pool B, C at Lions Park in Milton


Pool A                                               Pool B                                    Pool C

Field 1                                              Field 2                                   Field 3

A1 St. Joan of Arc                            B1 St. John Paul                    C1 St. Marguerite

A2 St. Andrew                                  B2 St. Nicholas                     C2 St. Matthew

A3 St. Dominic                                  B3 St. Anthony of Padua    C3 Holy Family

A4 Our Lady of Peace

Pool A Schedule

8:00am to 8:35am               A1 vs A2

8:40am to 9:15am               A3 vs A4

9:20am to 9:55am               A1 vs A3

10:00am to 10:35am          A2 vs A4

10:40am to 11:15am          A2 vs A3

11:20am to 12:00pm          A1 vs A4

Pool B,C Schedule

9:00am to 9:50am                B1 vs B2               C1 vs C2

10:00am to 10:50am            B1 vs B3               C1 vs C3

11:00am to 11:50am            B2 vs B3               C2 vs C3

Quarter Finals

12:30pm to 1:00pm    A 1st Place vs Highest ranked 3rd Place team (M) Field 1

A 2nd Place vs C 1st Place (O)  Field 2

B 1st Place vs 2nd ranked 3rd Place team(N)  Field 3

B 2nd Place vs C 2nd Place (P) Field 4

Semi Finals

1:20 to 2:05pm      Winner (M) vs Winner (N) (1) Field 1     Winner (O) vs Winner (P) (2)  Field 2


2:30pm to 3:10pm           Winner of Semi- Final (1) vs Winner Semi- Final (2)   1st Place  Field 1





Girls’ Intermediate Municipal Soccer Tournament