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St. Andrew School first opened its doors in September 1999. The Most Reverend Bishop Tonnos officially blessed our school on November 30, 1999, the feast of Saint Andrew. Like his brother Peter, Andrew was a fisherman. Together, Andrew and Peter became the first disciples of Jesus. “‘Come follow me’, Jesus said, ‘and I will make you fishers of men.'” (Matt 4:19) The two brothers did not hesitate, they dropped their nets, and immediately followed Jesus. This calling by Jesus reminds us of our own calling as disciples of Christ. Like our patron before us, we too bring people to Christ by sharing our faith and loving one another. In this way, we share the good news with everyone we meet.

Currently, there are approximately 760 students and 75 staff members at St. Andrew Catholic School.  It is the home of many athletes, authors, scientists, public speakers, mathematicians, artists, singers, dancers, and is a certified Gold Eco-School.

St. Andrew Catholic Elementary School, in collaboration with home and parish, is committed to establishing a solid learning foundation rooted in faith empowering our students to reach their unique and full potential by becoming reflective and creative thinkers, compassionate members of society, and stewards of God’s creation.

Catholic Learning Environment:  At St. Andrew Catholic Elementary School we communicate effectively and sensitively with language and conversation that reflects our Gospel values of mutual respect, care and dignity for each student. We are dedicated to reading Scripture, celebrating the Sacraments, praying and engaging in rituals of our Catholic faith and tradition together.

Catholic Community:  We are a community of learners at St. Andrew Catholic Elementary School, committed to loving and serving one another and our community as people of faith. We live out the Gospel message and our Catholic social teachings by promoting equality and solidarity for all. With compassion, we care for and respect one another and our community.

Catholic Curriculum: Our teachers teach the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum but we do so with a grounding in our Religion and Family Life education programs. Our goal at St. Andrew Catholic Elementary School is to help our students, as discerning believers, to think reflectively, creatively, and holistically, so as to solve problems and make decisions with an informed moral conscience for the common good.

Catholic School Staff:  Our staff at St. Andrew Catholic Elementary School share a common focus on our faith. We see each child as a valued member of our school community with individual talents and abilities. Our staff work in service of these students to empower them to reach their full, God-given potential.

For more information regarding programming or school operations, please contact:

Mrs. Lorraine Boulos


About Our School