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Weekly Update September 6, 2021

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world.

Malala Yousafzai

Staggered Entry for Students in Grade 1-8

We can’t wait to get our new school year started! As you know, we will be having a staggered start to our school year. This will help our students and teachers to develop new relationships allowing teachers to spend more time getting to know individual students. We know that anxiety levels will be high for many of our students, it is our hope that a gradual, and fun start will help the transition be smoother. This will also allow our teachers to focus on Covid protocols in the school with students.

The following schedule will apply for all elementary schools: 

Tuesday, September 7th        Only students in Grades 1 – 8 with surnames beginning with the letters A-K will come to school.
Wednesday, September 8th          Only students in Grades 1 – 8 with surnames beginning with the letters L-Z will come to school
Thursday, September 9th                ALL students in Grades 1 – 8 attending in-person instruction will come to school.

Protocols will look quite similar to last year. Most of the time, your child will remain in a single cohort. All students in Grades JK-8 will be required to wear masks in school except when they are eating. Students can request mask breaks if required, and they will not need to wear masks when they are having class outside or during recess breaks. For more information about our health and safety protocols, please see our Return to School Plan: Return-to-School-Plan-5Download

School Hours 2021-22

We will follow the same timetable as last year which includes staggered recesses and lunch breaks.

Supervision begins at 8:45 AM. For the safety of your child(ren) we request that your child NOT be on school property until a supervisor is on duty. Students will enter the building beginning at 8:45 AM via their designated door, and go directly to their classroom. Encourage your child(ren) to use appropriate crosswalks and walkways. Establish routines at home that will assist your child to arrive on time. Please be aware that the volume of traffic in the parking lot increases significantly just prior to the entry bell.  Children arriving late for school (after 9:00 AM) must first report to the office for a late slip. They will be asked to wait in line outside so as to avoid mixing of cohorts in the office.

Teachers’ NamesClass RoomEntry/Exit DoorsNOTES
Mrs Saputo10311Kindergarten yard
Mrs Penwarden-Ross and Mrs Eramo10113Kindergarten yard
Mrs Harrison and Mrs Calamanici10213Kindergarten yard
Mrs Deamone and Mrs Greco11710Backyard South Side
Mrs Skilton11610Backyard South Side
Mrs Twardawa1068Backyard South Side
Mrs Mascarenhas1058Backyard South Side
Mrs. Farronato1048Backyard South Side
Mrs. Zeffiro1116Backyard North Side
Mr Scott1106Backyard North Side
Mrs Cuggy-Murphy1096Backyard North Side
Mrs. Fiesser1086Backyard North Side
Mrs Galluzzo2059Backyard South Side
Mrs Densmore2079Backyard South Side
Mrs Tilley2069Backyard South Side
Mrs. Conlontino2085Backyard North Side
Mrs. Kerr2095Backyard North Side
Mr Giorgio2105Backyard North Side
Mrs. Clark2115Backyard North Side
Mrs Ambrozy2125Backyard North Side
Mrs Yan2144North Side KissN’Ride
Mrs Thompson2014North Side KissN’Ride
Mr Maillet2024North Side KissN’Ride
Mr Tallevi2049Backyard South Side
Mrs Boyko2134North Side KissN’Ride
Mr. SpencePortable 1
Mrs. UrciuoliPortable 2
Mr. SmithPortable 3
Mrs. WilkinsonPortable 4
Mrs. MedeirosPortable 5
Mr. RibeiroPortable 6

Kiss & Ride

Your assistance and co-operation with morning drop-off and evening pick-up are essential in ensuring the safety of all our students.  The drop-off lanes are on either side of the school (please do not drop off students in the front of the school as this is our bussing lane). The drop-off lanes are to be used for a quick drop-off and pick-up.  Parents cannot exit their car while in these lanes.  If you wish to walk your child to the yellow gates, please park your vehicle first in a designated parking spot. Parents are not permitted beyond the yellow gates, only staff and students are permitted on the playground area. This is to ensure the safety of all of our students. If you cannot maintain a 2m distance between yourself and others, we request that as per Halton Public health protocols, you wear a face mask. Thank you for your cooperation with our parking lot guidelines.

Family Information Packages

Our yearly Family Consent Forms will be completed online this year, please watch for an email with the link for these forms coming out this week. Our Physical Education permission forms and other School Board documentation will be coming home as hard copies for you to complete during the first days of school. We have purchased agendas for our students in Grades 1-6 at a cost of $5 each. Please use School Cash Online to pay for your child’s agenda.

Once received, please complete and return the Physical Education form to your child’s teacher so they can begin their Physical Education Program as soon as possible.

Medical Perils

If your child has a serious medical condition, your child’s plan of care was available for you to pick up in June. Please be sure to update and sign the Plan of Care and return to school with your child this week. If you cannot locate the Plan of Care, or if your child is new to the school, or has a new medical condition, please email Mrs. Kotulak to request a Medical Care Package.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation regarding the safe provision of medication and the information pertaining to your child. Their safety, and the safety of all other students, is our first priority.


Transportation information for bus students is available at www.haltonbus.caTo access this information, you will need your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN). When you log in, you will also see the assigned seat that your child will have for riding the bus. Please note that Courtesy Seats are on hold for now and if that changes, it will be communicated to families.

All students who are eligible for the bus, who have not opted out, will receive a bus tag for their backpack. The bus tag will have the route number on the back along with the assigned seat number. Students MUST sit in their assigned seats on the bus. Masks are mandatory for all students K-8 when riding the school bus. If your child is eligible for the bus, but will not be riding, please use the opt-out form to let us know. You can opt back in at any time!

Please make sure your child knows how they are getting home on the first day of school. If they are eligible for the bus, but they will not be riding, please make sure your child knows not to get on the bus.

For our students in Grades 1-3, please let your child’s teacher know how they will be getting home from school on the first day that they attend.

Daily Confirmation of Covid-19 Screening

The Ministry of Education’s COVID-19 Health, Safety, and Operational Guidance plan provides the baseline for school boards and local public health officials to develop a specific plan for the school board. 

With this plan as a foundation, some of the protocols that are in place to begin the school year include:

  1. Parents and guardians must perform daily screening of their child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms BEFORE leaving for school using the
  2. All students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in the Halton Catholic District School Board continued to be required to wear a properly fitted non-medical or cloth masks during classes and while in the hallways.  Masks may be removed during outdoor learning time.  Please refer to the Use of Non-Medical Masks or Face Coverings in Schools – Tip Sheet for further information and guidance.
  3. All classes will continue to remain in their classroom cohort, and assigned a specific zone on the playground during recesses and lunch.
  4. We are kindly asking that all families who are able to walk to school create this routine for our students. Our parking lot is often congested and we are limited in the amount of parking spaces available for parents.


Parents and guardians must perform daily screening of their child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms BEFORE leaving for school using the COVID-19 Self-Assessment

  • Check your child’s temperature to ensure they do not have a fever (temperature greater than 37.8’C) 
  • Monitor for signs and symptoms (including atypical symptoms) of COVID-19 
  • If any signs or symptoms, student and other household members must stay home, and school must be contacted. 

Please note that if a student or staff member shows signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or has come into close contact with anyone suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19, they cannot come to school. They must self-isolate and be tested for COVID-19.  ​ 

Parents are able to access the Daily Screening Checklist for HCDSB students HERE. 

The Ministry of Education has directed all schools to implement daily confirmation of COVID self-screening for all elementary students attending school in person. This will be in place for the first two weeks of the school year, unless otherwise directed by the Ministry of Education.

  1. Parents and guardians are asked to complete the COVID-19 School Screening Toolfor each child every day before leaving home for school.
  2. Confirmation of the daily screening must be provided to the classroom teacher in one of the following formats: 
  • Email results to classroom teacher;  
  • Show “pass” confirmation on a personal device, (e.g. if an older student does their own screening, they can show the pass to their teacher on their phone);
  • Show printed copy of the screening tool indicating the current date and a “pass”; OR 
  • Complete Confirmation of Daily COVID-19 Student Screening Log, which your child(ren) bring back and forth to school each day. (Each student will recieve a copy of this log on the first day that they attend school).

Should a student exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, they will be brought to the Isolation Room by the main office. They will be cared for and supervised until a family member can pick them up. Parents will be advised of next steps upon picking up their child.

Safe Arrival Program

The Safe Arrival program has been established to ensure that your child arrives safely at school. We appreciate your cooperation in calling the school to let us know that your child(ren) will not be attending at 905-849-0777. Parents are encouraged to use the School Messenger app to record absences.

For more information about how to use the School Messenger App to report your child’s absence, please use this link.

Bicycle Safety

If your children ride bicycles to school, we remind you to ensure that your children’s bicycles are roadworthy, that your children are familiar with the rules of the road, and that their bicycles conform to local municipal by-laws with respect to licensing, operation and equipment. All students need to wear helmets when riding a bicycle. They must ride them to the edge of school property and then walk and place them in the bike racks.

Visitors to School

This school year, in an effort to minimize contacts and help prevent the potential spread of COVID-19, we are limiting visitor access to our school.   

All visitors, including parents and HCDSB staff who are not assigned to our school, will require approval and pre-screening before entering our building. Where possible, meetings or visits will be conducted virtually.  

Visitors who are granted approval will be required to complete an online screening form prior to arriving at our school. Once inside, all visitors will be required to wear masks.   

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we do all we can to ensure a safe and healthy return to school for all.  


For the health and safety of our students and school community, it is strongly recommended that all elementary students remain at school for the full duration of their lunch periods. Students will not be permitted to leave school property with friends.

As we limit visitors to our school throughout the day, daily lunch drop-offs will not be permitted. However, should your child forget their lunch at home, please call the school to arrange a time to drop it off.

Parents and guardians are asked to provide their child(ren) with lunch in the morning before students enter the school building.  

Considerations for Lunch Prep: 

  • Lunches should be prepared as individual meals and snacks.  
  • Sharing food items will not be permitted. 
  • Reusable water bottles are encouraged. 

Thank you for your understanding as we limit the number of visits and contacts to our school community to protect the health and safety of our students and staff.   

Water Bottles

Students and staff will be able to bring reusable water bottles and refill them at designated refill stations in our school. For the health and safety of our students and school community, the use of water fountains for drinking will not be permitted.  

Catholic School Council

If you are interested in joining our Catholic School Council please complete the nomination form and email to Mrs. Boulos at Nominations will be accepted until Friday, September 17th at 9:00 am. Please note that no further nominations will be considered after this date and time.

Should a vote be necessary, the community will be invited to do so via electronic ballot the week of September 20th, 2021

Our Catholic School Council plays an active role at St. Andrew by determining school priorities and budgeting. We meet approximately one evening per month and it is important to know that we need committed members able to attend meetings. At this time, meetings will be held virtually through an online platform.

Code of Conduct

At St. Andrew Catholic School we encourage our students to be on their best behaviour ~ always and everywhere. To this end, there is a Code of Conduct that appears in the front pages of each school agenda. Mrs. Boulos and Mrs. Kotulak will be meeting with students in the first weeks of school in order to familiarize them with the expectations in the Code of Conduct. All adults and students are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct when on school property and in the school building. Please take a moment to discuss the Code of Conduct which can be found on our school website here:

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On behalf of the St. Andrew Catholic School staff we wish you every blessing for a wonderful school year filled with new discoveries and the joy of praying, learning and serving one another in Jesus’ name.

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Weekly Update September 6, 2021