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Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

To avoid congregating and maintain safety, each class will enter and exit the school via different doors. We ask that no parents or caregivers go beyond the yellow gates as teachers will be holding classes outside as often as possible. We therefore cannot have any parents or guardians on our schoolyard at the beginning or end of the day and ask parents to wait for their children either in their cars at the KissN’Ride, or at the yellow gates if they prefer to park and exit their vehicles.

The following classes will ENTER and EXIT via the NORTH side of the building:

  • Grade 2/3 Mrs. Urciuoli
  • Grade 3 Mrs. Mihalides
  • Grade 2 Mr. Scott
  • Grade 5 Mrs. Cox
  • Grade 5GI Mr. Smith
  • Grade 5 Mr. Spence
  • Grade 5 Ms Clarke
  • Grade 6/7 Mr. Giorgio
  • Grade 7 Mrs. Ambrozy

The following Classes will ENTER and EXIT on the South Side of the building:

  • Kindergarten Mrs. Deamone and Mrs. Landry
  • Grade 1 Mrs. Skilton
  • Grade 1 Mrs. Twardawa
  • Grade 1/2 Mrs. Mascarenhas
  • Grade 4 Mrs. Kerr
  • Grade 4 Mrs. Densmore
  • Grade 4 Mrs. Tiley
  • Grade 3/4 Mrs. Galluzzo
  • Grade 6 Ms Medeiros
  • Grade 8 Mr. Maillet
  • Grade 8 Mr. Tallevi

The following classes will ENTER and EXIT through the side door at the North Parking Lot:

  • Grade 7 Ms Yan
  • Grade 1/8 Mrs. Thompson
  • Grade 7/8 Mrs. Boyko

Three of our Kindergarten classes will ENTER and EXIT through the Kindergarten yard:

  • Mrs. Saputo/Greco
  • Mrs. Penwarden/Ribau
  • Mrs. Harrison/Nisbet

If you have two or more children exiting through different doors, ask your older children to walk to the side where your youngest child will be exiting and plan to meet there.

Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures