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Weekly Update August 31, 2020

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Students Attending Face-to-Face

As per the email you received from our Director, Mr. Pat Daly, the decision was made to have a staggered start to our school year. Please see the chart below to learn when your child(ren) will be attending.

You can expect an email with more instructions for the first day of school so please be sure to check your emails!

Kindergarten Entry

Kindergarten interviews for Year 1 (JK) students and Year 2 (SK) students new to St. Andrew, will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 8th and 9th, 2019. All Year 2 students will begin school on Thursday, September 10th while our Year 1 students will have a staggered entry with half attending on September 11th and the other half attending on Monday, September 14th. All of our Kindergarten students will be in on Tuesday, September 15.

If your child is beginning JK or new to SK, you will be receiving an email from your classroom educator team this week with more information.

Preparations for a Safe Start

Our staff has been working diligently preparing the school for our physical return. We will have new protocols for lining up, for going to the washroom, for students who arrive late, and for recesses. These new protocols may seem a bit different at first, but we are confident that children will become accustomed to them quickly and that the joy of being back together will make it all worthwhile.

Our schoolyard will have different “zones” to play in and our recesses will be staggered. One of the silver linings will be that the children are going to have a great deal of more space to play in! Students in Grades 1-4 will have a different set of recess times than students in Grades 1-8.

We cannot guarantee that we will not have a case of COVID-19 in our school; we just can’t be sure that a student or staff member won’t bring it to school. But we can and will do everything in our power to limit its spread through Infection Control and Prevention strategies including:

  1. daily screening for every student, staff member and visitor
  2. proper hand hygiene
  3. respiratory etiquette including the use of face masks for all staff and students while indoors except when eating
  4. physical distancing measures
  5. working closely with our Halton Public Health Unit

When Someone has Symptoms of COVID-19 at School

Should a student at school exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, they will immediately be brought to the Conference Room in our office area. This will be our “Isolation Room” where they will be cared for and supervised until a parent can pick them up. Any siblings will also have to go home. Parents will be advised to have the child tested for COVID-19. They will not be able to return to school until they are symptom-free or until they provide a medical note saying that they do not have COVID-19 and are safe to return to school.

Students in that class will be moved to another area (either outside or in the gym) so that the custodian can do an immediate deep clean of the room.

Should there be a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 at school, we will be alerting Halton Public Health and following their direction for containment and communication with our parent community.

If, at the direction of the Public Health Department, a child needs to isolate at home for 14 days, their regular classroom teacher will be responsible for providing them with school work so that they will not fall behind. This may be done through a digital Learning Management System, or through regular resources (e.g. textbooks and worksheets).

For more information please see here: COVID-19: Reopening Schools

Children Attending Online Schooling

Approximately 20% of our students have chosen to participate in online learning. Once online classes have been organized, you will receive more information from your classroom teachers. For more information about the online delivery model please see here:

Face Masks with School Logo

All students in K-8 will now be required to wear face masks at school. As an option for parents, non-medical cloth facemasks can also be purchased via School CashOnline with our St. Andrew logo. These will come in both Youth and Adult sizes at a cost of $7.50 each. These are optional and not mandatory, but students in grades K-8 and staff are welcome to wear them.

Adult size:

Youth Size:

Here is a great video to teach your children about how to safely wear a mask:

You should begin getting your child used to wearing a mask now so it will be easier for them when school begins. Start by having your child wear their masks during screen time. Get them into the habit of wearing their mask by pairing it with something they love to do.

Students will need to wear their masks in class and in the hallways, but they will be able to remove them when they are outdoors. They will therefore need a place to keep their masks when they are removed as they go outside. If your child does not have deep enough pockets, you may want to provide them with a fanny pack or a tear-away lanyard to hang their mask from when they are outside.

Parents of Students with Medical Conditions

If your child has a medical condition, the existing Student Plan of Care will be sent home for you to review and update if necessary during the first week of school. If your child has an epi-pen, please ensure that you provide one to the school on or before the first day of school. Our school office will be open as of Monday, August 31st.

If your child has a change in their condition over the summer, please inform the school in the week prior to students returning. Please contact Mrs. Kotulak in this case.


Halton Student Transportation

Transportation information for bus students will be available at www.haltonbus.caTo access this information, you will need your child’s Ontario Education Number (OEN). Please note that there will be no option for Courtesy Seats this year.

We will not be able to keep cohorts separate as school buses are operating at capacity with up to 72 children on each large bus. If you have alternative means to transport your children to school, i.e. walking, riding bikes, or driving in a private vehicle, that is strongly recommended.

Weekly Update August 31, 2020