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News From Your Catholic School Council 2020- Issue No. 1


2020 Issue No. 1

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Welcome St. Andrew Families to the first edition of the Parent Council newsletter.   We are hopeful this newsletter serves as a point of contact to provide a brief source to stay in touch with Council sponsored events, initiatives, and to provide some practical parenting advice, tips, and resources.  We would like to introduce you to our 2019-2020 Council.

From Left to Right: Marion Bastiampaillai (Parish Rep), Kelly Williams (Parent Rep), Latifah Tomm (Parent Rep), Michelle Kotulak (Vice Principal), Lorraine Boulos (Principal), Christine Krueger (Chair), Crystal Duggan, (Parent Rep), Abiodun Adekitan (Parent Rep), Mary Soler (Secretary), Emilia De Simone (Treasurer), and Richard Selwyn (Parent Rep).
Missing: Laura Gallo (OAPSCE Rep), Nancy Harrison (Teacher Rep), and Trish Nadal-Droog (CUPE Rep)

Please feel free to say hello the next time you see us at the school.  We are here to address any concerns or questions you may have.  We are here to help and serve, and where appropriate, act as a bridge between St. Andrew’s families and the school administration. Please email us your questions and comments to

Cares Council Cares Initiative

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like we are alone in this world and everything seems so difficult no matter how hard we try to keep it together. We understand and can totally relate! That is why, our new initiative, “St. Andrew Council Cares” is there to help your family during difficult times. 

The goal of Council Cares is to be another source available for support for families during challenging moments.

We are looking for volunteers to help us in this initiative to build a network of caring angels.  If you are interested in making yourself available to this initiative, please email us at



For those nights you want something different for dinner that your children will actually eat, try this meatloaf, a twist on a classic.  This recipe serves a hungry family of 4-6!

 Mexican Meatloaf


1lb                   ground beef (I prefer extra lean)

½ cup             finely chopped onions

1                      egg

½ cup             bread crumbs

½ cup             salsa (you choose the level of heat)

1 tbs                nacho seasoning (or one packet of taco mix)

1 1/2 cups      shredded cheese (nacho mix or mozza cheddar)

Sour cream optional for the side


Heat oven to 3500 F.  Mix the ground beef, onions, egg, bread crumbs, salsa, nacho seasoning and one cup of the cheese.  Press into a loaf pan sprayed with cooking spray.  Make a dent in the center of the loaf.  Bake approximately 45 minutes until the meatloaf is done (1600 F).  Top with remaining cheese (if you want, add some more salsa), and bake a few more minutes until the cheese has melted.  Serve with sour cream on the side.

News From Your Catholic School Council 2020- Issue No. 1

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