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Weekly Update November 25, 2019

It is vital that when educating our children’s brains, we do not neglect to educate their HEARTS. ~ Dalai Lama

Thank You 

Thank you for attending our LearningConferences with your child(ren); it was wonderful to see you all. We greatly appreciate your support in celebrating their accomplishments and planning next steps for growth!

Safe, Equitable and Inclusive School Strategy

Last week was our Board’s Bullying Awareness & Prevention Week and we joined schools across the province in enhancing awareness and understanding about bullying, and the factors that contribute to safe, caring and inclusive schools. But this important work is something that is ongoing in our schools daily throughout the year and does not end. Our faith guides us in our actions here at school. Every student is made in the image of God and is deserving of respect and inherent dignity. Our staff stand by this and will continue to work to educate our students around issues of bullying which include any behavours that are meant to cause harm, fear or distress in another, including acts of aggression to intimidate, racist behaviours and comments, gender bias, and discrimination.

As a community, we are ALL responsible to make our school safe and inclusive. Here are our responsibilities:

Bullying Prevention and Equity & Inclusive Responsibilities


  • Organized supervision of students within the school building and on the school grounds at all times
  • Watch for signs of bullying  and step in to address it immediately, reporting to administration when concerns are repeated or ongoing
  • Respond quickly and sensitively to bullying reports (Affirm, Ask, Assess, Act)
  • Take seriously parents’ concerns about incidents
  • Provide specific supports for any student who has been the victim of bullying, intervention for the student who has bullied, and strategies for responding to students who were directly observing the bullying incident
  • Ensure students know procedures for reporting incidents of bullying
  • Provide a safe environment for students who report bullying (protection from retaliation)
  • Treat others with respect, dignity and kindness at all times
  • Ensure that all staff (including support staff) know they have a duty to report any incidents of exclusion, inequity, racism or bullying
  • Model positive ways of getting along with others
  • Exhibit compassion and empathy, and teach students about compassion and empathy
  • Regular reminders via daily announcements


  • Treat one another with dignity, kindness and respect at all times
  • Refuse to participate in behaviour that could be construed as hurtful to others including but not limited to bullying
  • If they witness a bullying incident, speak up if they can, if not, report it to an adult immediately or as soon as possible
  • Refuse to watch, laugh or join in when someone is being bullied
  • Include everyone in play, especially those who are often left out; if someone is sitting on the Buddy Bench, approach them and invite them to play
  • Always remember the Golden Rule and treat others the way you want to be treated

Parents and Guardians:

  • Model positive ways of getting along with others
  • Do not make excuses for behaviour that is unkind or hurtful to others – it is NEVER okay!
  • Help their son/daughter find ways to express anger that do not involve hurting others physically or emotionally
  • Teach problem-solving skills
  • Inform school staff if their child tells them about a bullying incident
  • Help their son/daughter understand the value of accepting and celebrating individual differences and model this behaviour at home
  • Be alert to signs their child is being bullied or may be bullying others

To learn more, please see our Bullying-Prevention-Plan.

The Saidat Show

On Monday, November 25, we welcome Saidat to St. Andrew School. Saidat is a children’s entertainer, speaker, author, and singer. Her career in entertainment started with her wanting to make people smile and build confidence in the younger generation. Saidat’s programs have reached over 500,000 students across Canada. Saidat’s message reaches a worldwide audience with over 3 million views on YouTube and over 100,000 followers on social media. She leads a very strong message, from the heart, that one person can make a difference, together we can change the world!

Lunch Lady 

  • Easy to order. Delivery is Free
  • Options for everyone.
  • Sick kids? Field trip? No problem.
  • Nutritionally balanced

Ordering is easy at

Our Lunch Lady Day is Wednesday. Orders are due two school days before lunch day.

Lunchbox Orders

How to Order:

  1. Go online at and click “ORDER LUNCH”.
  2. New to Lunchbox Orders? Click “Create an Account” to register your family’s account.
  3. Already registered? Please login directly with your current user name (e-mail address) and password.
  4. Add your child to your account by clicking “add a student” and register your child with their new teacher and grade for the current school year. ** Please ensure the correct teacher and grade are selected to prevent errors on delivery days.
  5. Click “Order Now” (beside your child’s name) to access the school’s ordering calendar.
  6. Proceed with ordering your child’s lunch by clicking on the blue box for each restaurant featured.
  7. All orders are submitted on the website and payment is processed on-line by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit MasterCard or Visa Debit.  Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards are also accepted.

The Benefits:

  1. Lunchbox Orders is paperless and cashless.  Ordering online is fast and easy!
  2. All menu items featured are compliant with the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Food and Beverage Policy.
  3. Orders may be placed weekly or in advance, for the full length of the program.

Things to Remember:

  • New orders must be placed by Sunday at 12pm (NOON) for the following week.
  • Orders will not be accepted after the Sunday deadline.
  • Cancellations will be accepted two (2) days prior to delivery.

Questions? Contact the Lunchbox Orders customer service team at 1.877.426.6860 or by e-mail at

Tree of Love for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (SSVP)

As Advent approaches, we prepare our homes and hearts for one of the holiest celebrations of our Catholic faith, the birth of our Lord.  It is a time for celebration and a time for us to reflect on how we are living Christ’s mission of serving others, especially the poor.  With his Holiness Pope Francis as our leader, we are being constantly reminded that Jesus called us to serve those in need.

This Christmas season, our school community will continue to support the St. Vincent de Paul Society and families in need who live in our immediate neighbourhood.

Please help to support families by bringing in a gift card for either Walmart  or  Canadian Superstore. Student participants will hang an ornament on our Tree of Love. Please help us fill our St. Andrew tree with the light of kindness and hope for families that are less fortunate.

We will start receiving the gift cards on Monday, December 3 and ask that all gift cards be delivered to the school by Friday, December 7th.

    The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul (SSVP) is a lay Catholic organization whose mission is to live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy.

Feast of St. Andrew

Friday, November 29th is the Feast Day of St. Andrew. We will celebrate with a Liturgy in the gymnasium at 10:00 am hosted by our Grade 7 students. During our Liturgy, we will also celebrate the coming of the First Week of Advent and light our new Advent Wreath. Parents and Guardians are invited to attend to celebrate with us!

First Reconciliation

This week we pray for our Grade Two students who will be receiving the beautiful Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time at Mary Mother of God Parish on Saturday morning at 9:30 am. May you always know the peace of Jesus, the light of His love, and the joy of His life within you.

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Weekly Update November 25, 2019