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Weekly Update October 28th, 2019

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal – 2 Corinthians 4:18  All Saints Day – Nov 1st, All Souls Day – Nov 2nd

Parent/Teacher/Student Learning Conferences

“We know that parents have an important role to play in supporting student learning. Studies show
that students perform better in school if their parents or guardians are involved in their education.
This is the basis for the principle that students and parents should be kept fully informed about the
student’s progress.” ~ Growing Success, page 8

Progress Reports will be coming home on November 20th. Learning Conferences will be taking place on the evening of November 21st and during the day on November 22nd (there will be no school that day). Learning Conferences are an opportunity for teachers, parents and students to meet together to discuss how each child is progressing, to set learning goals, and plan strategies to support learning.

Communication regarding preferred times for Learning Conferences will be coming home on Wednesday, October 30th. Please return Learning Conference request forms by Monday, November 4th. 


Thank you to our families for your generous donations so far! We are half-way to our goal! There is still time to donate! For more information, please see our BOO-GIE-A-THON FLYER 2019. You can donate by cheque following the instructions found on the form.

The easiest and most helpful way for you to donate is through our School Cash Online Make a Donation Button.

Then Complete the following steps:

  1. Gift Information – select an amount
  2. Select Destination – Andrew
  3. Tribute Information – “Not a tribute gift”
  4. Message to School Board – student name, specify amount donated per child
  5. Click – “Add to Cart”


All students are encouraged to wear costumes. Students who prefer not to wear a costume may want to wear black and orange as an alternative.

Halloween is a great time to dress up and have fun with costumes. In our Catholic education community, we want to promote respect, inclusion and empathy for all individuals. As you select a Halloween costume, we encourage you to reflect and talk to your children about becoming critical thinkers and social justice champions in all aspects of their lives.

The following are suggested questions to reflect on when choosing a costume to avoid being disrespectful or offensive:

  1. is my costume making fun of a group of people, their culture, or religion?
  2. Does my costume reinforce jokes and stereotypes about certain groups, cultures or religions?
  3. Am I altering my skin colour, facial/body features to make it more like a particular race, ethnicity or cultural group?
  4. Am I dressing up as a culture or borrowing from a religion that is not my own or is not a part of my background?
  5. Do I understand and respect the history or tradition of the culture that I am borrowing my costume from?

Costume considerations to be safe at school:

Parents and students are all asked to be mindful of our children’s safety when selecting costumes. To that end, we ask that costumes not:

  • Impair vision or breathing (no masks);
  • Present a tripping hazard to the wearer or the bystander;
  • Promote themes or activities inappropriate for a Catholic elementary school;
  • Be too revealing or suggestive;
  • Include weapons or replica weapons;
  • Require staff to apply or remove costume pieces and/or make-up;

Costumes must:

  • Allow the student easy, independent access to the washroom. This is especially important for students from FDK to grade 2.
  • Allow the student to wear sufficiently warm clothing over or under the costume as weather/temperature dictates for outdoor recess.


Below is the schedule for each grade and the time they are allocated to dance. Parents/Guardians are welcome to join their children during their dance times in the gym.

Kindergarten 9:00-9:40 a.m.
Grade 1 & 2 9:40-10:20 a.m.
Grade 3 & 4 10:35-11:15 a.m.
Grade 5 & 6 11:15-11:55 p.m.
Grade 7 1:00-1:45 p.m.
Grade 8 1:45-2:30 p.m.

Holy Trinity Grade 8 Parent Information Night

On Wednesday, October 30th, from 7-9 PM, Holy Trinity will be hosting a Parent Information night for parents of our Grade 8 students. During this event, parents will learn more about:

  • the registration process
  • academic information
  • timelines and important dates
  • extra-curricular groups
  • upcoming events

They will also be able to take a school tour!

Picture Re-Takes

Edge Imaging will be returning to our school for picture retakes for those interested on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

Pizza Days

Once again we had many students without a lunch on Friday as parents thought that it was pizza day! Our pizza days are NOT every Friday. Please subscribe to our calendar to ensure you know when pizza days are occurring. For a quick summary, these are our pizza days:

Oct 18 Nov 29 Jan 24 Mar 6 Apr 17 May 29
Nov 1 Dec 13 Feb 7 Mar 27 May 1 Jun 12
Nov 15 Jan 10 Feb 21 Apr 3 May 15


Did you miss the signup date for Pizza Days? No worries, download the form here: 2019_PAPERPizzaLunchOrderAndPaymentForm; choose your order and provide us a cheque for the remaining 16 Pizza Days. (multiply your child(ren)’s order by 16).

Lunchbox Orders

Once again we would like to offer you the opportunity of purchasing lunches for your children via Lunchbox Orders. You can order Swiss Chalet on Mondays and Subway on Thursdays for your children.

How to Order:
1. Go online at and click “ORDER LUNCH”.
2. New to Lunchbox Orders? Click “Create an Account” to register your family’s account.
3. Already registered? Please login directly with your current user name (e-mail address) and password.
4. Add your child to your account by clicking “add a student” and register your child with their new teacher and grade for the current school year.
5. Click “Order Now” (beside your child’s name) to access the school’s ordering calendar.
6. Proceed with ordering your child’s lunch by clicking on the blue box for each restaurant featured.
7. All orders are submitted on the website and payment is processed on-line by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Debit MasterCard or Visa Debit. Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards are also accepted.

Questions? Contact the Lunchbox Orders customer service team at 1.877.426.6860 or by e-mail at

Things to Remember:
• New orders must be placed by Sunday at 12pm (NOON) for the following week.
• Orders will not be accepted after the Sunday deadline.
• Cancellations will be accepted two (2) days prior to delivery.
• If buses are cancelled due to inclement weather, all lunches will be delivered as scheduled.
• If there is a school closure, all lunches will be cancelled and a credit will be issued within 3 business days.

** Please ensure the correct teacher and grade are selected to prevent missed or lost lunches on the day of delivery.

Grade 7 Immunizations

All Grade 7 students will be offered vaccines through school-based immunization clinics again this year. The Region of Halton Health Department administers this voluntary immunization program. The first scheduled date is Wednesday, October 30th  and will be Hep B and HPV-9 for those participating.



Parish Updates

Christmas Bazaar:  The Parish Christmas Bazaar is planned for November 9th at Mary Mother of God Church from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. There will be baked goods, books and jewelry for sale. There will also be a Lucky Draw and a 50/50 Draw. You will also find Advent wreaths, a Children’s Corner, Crafts Table, Gift Baskets and a Christmas Cafe and so much more! it is a great event to bring your children to and get a head start on your Christmas shopping!

Sensory Friendly Masses: Beginning in November, Mary Mother of God Parish will offer a monthly Mass for Catholics (young and old) with sensory sensitivities including Autism, Down Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD. On the second Sunday of the month at 3:00 pm, we will offer Mass with less sensory input. You can expect lower lights, softer music, low gluten host, smaller host portions, shorter and more literal homilies, and the freedom to move around if necessary. Most important: you’ll receive the Eucharist while surrounded by fellow worshipers with a welcoming attitude. Feel free to bring whatever supports you may need, including fidgets, weighted blankets, noise-canceling headphones, sunglasses or comfort toys. Dates for our sensory-friendly Masses are: Nov 10, Dec 15, Jan 12, Feb 9,  March (canceled for March Break) April 12, May 10, June 14. For more information, please contact Debbie Frey or see the flyer here: Sensory fr Mass final  If you are interested in volunteering at these masses, please contact Debbie ASAP!


Congratulations to our Senior Girls’ Volleyball Team who won Silver at the Catholic Cup Tournament hosted at Jean Vanier last weekend! Thank you to their coaches, Mrs. Meeussen, Mrs. Springer and Mr. Scott for devoting your time and energy to our team!

This Week:

Boys Volleyball: Tuesday, October 29th – St. Andrew against ST. Teresa of Calcutta at St. Andrew
Girls Volleyball: Monday, October 28th – St. Andrew against St. Teresa of Calcutta at St. Teresa of Calcutta

Interactive School Calendar

Our website features an interactive school calendar, which allows parents to view the calendar right within our school site, but also offers the ability to subscribe to the calendar and add it to your Apple, Google, and/or Outlook calendars. To subscribe to this feature, click on the CALENDAR tab, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a button that says ‘SUBSCRIBE’ and when you click on this button, you will be prompted to select a calendar option.  View the How-To Guide

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Weekly Update October 28th, 2019

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