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Halloween Boogie-A-Thon Fundraiser!


On Tuesday, October 31st, we will be hosting our ANNUAL ST. ANDREW BOOGIE-A-THON! This is our one major fundraiser for the year. The money from our fundraiser will be used to purchase items and activities for our students that will enhance their experiences here at St. Andrew School.

We have dismantled our out-dated Computer Lab and it is our hope to use fundraising dollars to purchase faster more versatile technology that will allow our students to connect and collaborate with other students and experts as they develop their 21st Century competencies.

Sports are a huge part of our St. Andrew School community and our sports teams are in desperate need of new uniforms.

This year, we would like to focus on developing our students’ problem solving and creativity by creating a Learning Commons in our Library that includes a Makerspace. We would like to have a green screen and a Lego wall in addition to building and craft materials to inspire our children.

Funds will also be used to continue providing our students with exciting learning opportunities in the form of subsidies for field trips, guest speakers, and speciality programs brought into the school.

But to make all of these things happen, we need your help! Any financial support you can offer is most welcomed and appreciated!

The easiest and most helpful way for you to donate is through our School Cash Online Make a Donation Button.

Then Complete the following steps:

  1. Gift Information – select an amount
  2. Select Destination – Andrew
  3. Tribute Information – “Not a tribute gift”
  4. Message to School Board – student name, specify amount donated per child
  5. Click – “Add to Cart”

If you would like to donate via cheque, you can follow the instructions on our pledge form which you can download BOO-GIE-A-THON FLYER UPDATED 2017 ED. A hard copy will also be coming home with your child today.

Thank you for helping us to make St. Andrew School the BEST SCHOOL IN THE UNIVERSE!

Halloween Boogie-A-Thon Fundraiser!

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