Student Absence Management System FAQ

What is the Student Absence Management System?

SchoolMessenger® offers an absence management system that improves student safety and makes it easy for parents and guardians to let the school know about their child’s absence.

When can absences be reported ?

Absences can be reported in advance:

  • 24 hours/day
  • 7 days a week
  • For any school day in the school term up to the cut-off time on the day of the absence

How will I know the absence report has been received?

Once an absence has been reported, parents will receive a message by email, confirming the details of the absence.

How does the automated notification system work?

Whenever an absence is reported or updated, parents will receive a confirmation notice by email and/or text message.If a parent does not report their child’s absence, the automated notification system will try to contact them. This may include push notifications to the app, email, or phone calls.

The parent will be asked to provide the reason for their child’s absence immediately by using the phone line, website or mobile app.If an absence is not explained within approximately 20 minutes of the time that the school starts the notification process, school staff will follow up to make sure that the child is safe.

Parents who try to report an absence through the system after the cut-off time will be asked to contact the school directly.

Do parents need a SchoolMessenger app account?

A SchoolMessenger app account is not required to use the toll-free phone line to report absences. However, the app allows parents to review and update absences, review contact information and communication preferences.

Please see related SchoolMessenger app documentation for setting up your account, resetting your password, reviewing contact information, and specifying communication preferences. Once account is set up, select ATTENDANCE from the menu.

NOTE TO PARENTS: If you cannot set up your account, you do not see the ATTENDANCE option, or you do not see your child(ren) listed in your account, please contact your child’s school directly to check that your correct email address is associated with your child(ren).

How do parents use the toll-free phone line?

When parents call the toll-free phone line, they will be prompted to follow the instructions for reporting their child’s absence.

If the phone number they are calling from matches a phone number on file with the school, parents will hear their child(s) name(s). If the system does not recognize the caller ID, parents will be asked to enter the student’s home phone number.

Once an absence has been reported, parents will receive a message by email, confirming the details of the absence.

Parents may choose to require a 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) Code before an absence can be reported when using the SafeArrival phone system. This will provide an added layer of security and also prevents students from reporting their own absences.

How do I set up a PIN Code to use when reporting absences on the toll-free phone line?

Parents may set up a PIN Code, using the SchoolMessenger app, by clicking on the Manage your PIN settings link at the bottom of the Attendance page.

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