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Weekly Update: September 14th-18th

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have completed our staggered entry for students, and we hope that you and your child had an amazing first day of school!

It has been wonderful to see the Sacred Heart of Jesus hallways, classrooms and playground alive with activity once again. Learning, playing and praying together, our staff and students are building skills and relationships that will be the foundation of a memorable school year!

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Please refer to the information updates below:

Return to School Plan

This school year will be different in many respects, but we will all work together to ensure the health and well-being of our students, families and staff.

Please refer to the details in the HCDSB Return to School Plan

To keep you informed, we will continue to share information with parents through our school email system and website on a regular, weekly basis.

Student Daily Self-Assessment Screening

Please adhere to all guidelines in the HCDSB Return to School Plan and FAQ’s on the board website regarding student daily self-assessment protocols and guidelines we must follow for the immediate pick up of an ill child.


We are in the process of finalizing our bus numbers for this year. If your child(ren) are bus eligible but do not take the bus daily (i.e. parent pickup, after-school program) please contact the SHOJ office (

For information on bus delays, make sure that you sign up for RSS or email notifications from

Kiss and Ride Morning Drop off for Gr. 1-8 Students

Beginning at 8:55 am, you may use the “Kiss and Ride” on the west parking lot. Each day drop your child off at the curb and the students will have “free entry” where they may go directly into the building through the back doors and directly to their classroom. Teachers will be supervising. These are the same procedures we used last year for inclement days. Students arriving after 9:10am will be considered late and will need to go through the front door and sign in at the main office to receive a late slip before going to class.

If any parents are parking on a neighbourhood street, please ensure that you do not block driveways. Please be respectful of our neighbours.

Morning Drop off for Kindergarten Students

Parents may drop their child off at the kindergarten gate where children will be greeted by one of their ECE/Teacher’s and will meet the other educator in the classroom. Students being dropped off after 9:10am will be considered late and will need to be taken to the front door and sign in at the office to receive a late slip before going to class.

Dismissal Procedures

Students will be dismissed at 3:40pm. Please arrange for a meeting place with your child. Parents must wait for their child outside the main playground gates. Parents are encouraged to wear masks at dismissal time as this time of day tends to get busy. Please reinforce with your children the same social distancing rules that we are teaching at school.

Dogs are not allowed on School Property as per HCDSB Policy.

Visitors at School

Only essential, invited staff or visitors are allowed in the school building. We cannot allow any parent volunteers in the school at this time.

Drop off of Student Items/Lunches

Please make every effort to ensure your child has everything they need for the day when they leave the house in the morning. This includes all schoolwork, supplies, snacks and lunches. Parents are not allowed to enter the building to drop off these late items.

Scent Awareness

Please keep in mind that our school is a scent sensitive environment where we have students and staff members with very severe allergies to any fragrances such as perfume, cologne, and scented hand/body lotions/sprays. Please do not wear this when visiting or volunteering in the school and please do not have your child wearing these products. We appreciate your support and cooperation in this regard!

School Cash Online

We ask all parents to register on our website for our “School Cash Online” payment system. All money will be collected using this system . We are not able to accept cash this year.

We look forward to an amazing week ahead!

Cochrane, DarrenWeekly Update: September 14th-18th