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Letter from Fr. Ed: June 4th

Back to Ordinary Time

When the State of Emergency was declared in the middle of March, the school vacation was extended by two weeks and Masses cancelled, we thought at the time that we would be back up and running for Holy Week, Easter at the latest.  Not only did we miss Easter Sunday but we have missed the entire Easter Season without public Masses.  So we begin a new liturgical season with the State of Emergency having been extended again. 

This year the resumption of Ordinary Time began on June 1st so we are into a new month as well.  In our Catholic tradition, the month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The devotion to the Sacred Heart comes from the private revelations of the 17th century French religious, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.  At that time, particularly in France, the church was afflicted with the heresy of Jansenism.  Jansenism preached an angelic spirituality.   If you were to be saved you had to separate yourself from the things of earth as much as possible, living completely in the spirit.

In the devotion to the Sacred Heart we see that Jesus, the Son of God, has a human heart, a heart that is pierced, a heart that bleeds, and a heart that suffers for all humanity.  The devotion to the Sacred Heart repeats and reinforces the Gospel truth that in Jesus God bends down towards us, to walk with us in our suffering and to die for us.  God saves us not by freeing us from our human frailty but by entering into our poverty and suffering to redeem them and to raise us to new life. 

The Sacred Heart of Jesus continues to bleed for this world:

First, we have all those who suffering because of Covid19, the sick and the dying and for their loved ones who cannot support them in their illness and properly grieve their deaths.

Earlier today (Wednesday) I recorded a couple of messages for the graduating students of our Catholic schools, elementary and high school.  I would like to point out the suffering of young people in a particular way, not only those graduating from elementary and high school, but university graduates and all those trying to launch a career and for young couples who are scheduled to be married. This pandemic has closed so many doors, put their lives on hold and denied them of so many important experiences that they too experiencing a particular pain. 

We remember all of those who suffering because of isolation and loneliness.  The psychological burden for many is becoming an ever heavier cross to bear. 

Finally we see the continuing protests and social upheaval, in particular in the United States, but also here and around the world in reaction to the injustice of racist actions.  We pray for true justice and healing of this festering wound. 

Our little shrine at the doors of the church now has a statue of the Sacred Heart, come by and pray.  “Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on us.”

Make sure to join us for Mass on the parish Facebook Page: at 9 am on Sunday mornings.  It is great that so many of you are coming together as a parish at that time.

Father John and I are available to hear confessions by appointment.  Call the parish office at 905-332-5115 or email or . We will make sure to observe a proper distance.  This time of year we can meet outside. 

We are also available for the Sacrament of the Sick in a serious case.  We would observe proper precautions, wearing a mask, etc.  Don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are not allowed to enter health care institutions so receiving the sacrament early and not waiting until you have to go to the hospital is best.    

I would also like to thank all of those who have continued their financial support of the parish at this time.  Please check out the parish website, , for ways to contribute and for other updates about the parish.   If you use the Interac etransfer option please make sure to include your envelope number in the message.

We continue to offer Mass each day so if you would like a Mass offered for any intention we can still do that for you.  Email or call

If you know of anyone in need of some financial assistance they can contact the Saint Vincent de Paul help line at 905-522-8222. And for those who would like to donate to the Saint Vincent de Paul Society you can follow the link on the parish website.

This time of year would have been our annual ‘baby bottle drive for Shifra House.’  I was talking to the director this week and their donations are way down so if normally supported this campaign please consider going on-line to make a donation.

Finally as we prepare for the future we will most likely require facemasks for staff, volunteers and visitors.  We would gladly accept any donations of facemasks.  Please email us or call so we can arrange to a drop off time.

God bless everyone,

Father Ed

And for those who have access to hymnals here is the lineup for Sunday Mass

Here are the hymns for Sunday: (Before Mass: G&P 414 Holy, Holy, Holy) Opening: CBW 420 Creator God, Creating Still Offertory: CBW 466 Father, Lord of Earth and Heaven Communion: G&P 515 That There May Be Bread Closing: CBW 422 Sing We Praises to the Father
Elementary Vice-PrincipalLetter from Fr. Ed: June 4th