Home and School Communication

Your participation in your child’s school life is fundamental to his or her educational success. Effective and on-going communication between home and school takes a variety of forms and operates on a variety of levels. Please consider the following avenues for becoming informed and knowledgeable about your child’s progress.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The school schedules interviews for all parents in November. These provide an opportunity to dialogue about your child’s progress. It is important to realize that additional conferences may be held at any other time as deemed appropriate or necessary by either the parent or the teacher. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s program and progress such a conference is your first avenue of action. Please keep in mind that an appointment is necessary as the classroom teacher’s first priority during regular school hours is, of course, teaching the class.

Parent-Principal and/or Vice Principal Conferences

The doors at Queen of Heaven are always open to interested and concerned parents. As school leaders we accept responsibility for all aspects of school life – from curriculum and programs to safety and site developments. Calling ahead for an appointment is encouraged.

Weekly Updates

Weekly Updates are posted on our website and the link is emailed home to parents. They celebrate student successes and provide you with current information about the school, parish and community events.

Student Agenda

The Student Agenda has proven to be a useful learning tool for developing student independence, responsibility, organizational and time management skills. This Grade 1-6 student planner will be used to record daily homework assignments and to record the particulars of long-term assignments and special projects. The planner includes helpful information for the students and will encourage them to record a variety of additional school-related information items. Parents are invited to review the planner with their children on a daily basis. As well, this planner is a means of written communication between the classroom teacher and the parent.

Address and Telephone Number Changes

Please report any changes in work or home address, telephone number or other pertinent information immediately to the School Office.


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