Staff Directory


Ms. Michelle MorrisseyElementary Principal

Support Staff

Mrs. Andrea BoyleElementary School Secretary
Ms. Kathleen LaSelvaLibrary Technician
Miss Kate PipeChild and Youth Counsellor

Teaching Staff

Mrs. Adele BoisvertElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Ms. Diana Di FrusciaElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Mrs. Kathryn ChiappinoElementary Teacher, Elementary Special Education Teacher
Ms. Tara GrandeElementary Teacher, Elementary Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Catherine KainoElementary Teacher, Elementary Special Education Teacher
Ms Vanessa MoreauElementary Teacher, French - Core
Ms. Doris MorsonElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Mrs. Janis MartiniElementary Teacher, Grade 1/2
Ms. Nicole BrittoElementary Teacher, Grade 2
Ms. Colleen RademeyerElementary Teacher, Grade 2/3
Ms. Chelsey BanyaiElementary Teacher, Grade 4/5
Mr. Barry SheahanElementary Teacher, Grade 4/5
Mr. Matthew CallaghanElementary Teacher, Grade 6/7
Mr. Steven ZoffranieriElementary Teacher, Grade 8
Mr Steve WongElementary Teacher, Instrumental Music
Ms. Anne Di RisioElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Ms. Cassandra SwitElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Ms Simone IndellicatoLTO Elementary Teacher, LTO Grade 5/6
Ms. Leanne MenecolaElementary Teacher, Teacher of the Arts
Ms. Gita AmyanEducational Assistant, Temporary
Mrs. Courtney BelangerEducational Assistant
Mrs. Kim CurleyDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Miss Christina PrimierDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Mrs. Bruna SavioEducational Assistant
Mrs. Susanne TusimEducational Assistant
Ms Nicki WanlessEducational Assistant, Temporary

Custodial Staff

Mr. Sergio Naia
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