At Our Lady of Victory Catholic Elementary School, we pride ourselves in not only providing quality education as prescribed by the Ministry of Education, but quality Catholic education as witnesses to Jesus in our world. Catholic virtues, our Focus on Faith yearly themes and the Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations are at the core of everything we do.

We are committed to enabling all students to reach their potential, and to succeed. We recognize that every student is unique and each must have opportunities to achieve success according to his or her own interests, abilities, and goals. We have set high academic expectations and standards for our students. With rich learning opportunities and appropriate support, our students have proven their ability to rise to the challenge.

Grade level Focus on Faith themes are embedded in daily teacher-student learning. Our Catholic perspective has always been that student are life-long learners and so it is with this in mind that teachers program for every student based on the Board and the School Improvement plans, daily work results, benchmark, report card and EQAO data. This information, in turn, is used to inform instruction through the construction of appropriate pathways and differentiated instruction within these pathways to match every student’s learning style.

Teachers are always vigilant in ensuring that every child is achieving to potential and advocating for their students in ensuring they receive the required supports for success.

Career and Life Planning Initiatives

All About Me

As educators, we work to deliver the provincial curriculum in a way that is consistent with Catholic values. One of the resources that we provide to all students in the Halton Catholic District School Board is All About Me; an interactive portfolio tool that supports K-6 students with the inquiry process, self-discovery, and reflection. Our students have access to the Catholic Edition of the program that includes a new My Faith section; inviting students to add daily prayers, reflect on the Sacraments, and explore the Catholic Graduation Expectations.

All About Me has a goal setting tool built right into the K-6 portfolio, where students can set goals related to learning skills, academics, or their community.


The Student Success Team at Halton Catholic works to ensure that every student’s diverse interests, goals, and strengths are supported in and outside of the classroom. One of the programs that we license to support student success, as well as the Individual Pathways Plan and inquiry-based learning, is myBlueprint Education Planner. myBlueprint promotes self-discovery and exploration through various features including the Who Am I? surveys. Students can complete six comprehensive assessments (including Learning Styles, Personality, Interests, Knowledge, Motivations, and Compatibility) to learn more about themselves and potential high school courses, post-secondary programs, and career opportunities related to their interests and passions. The interactive design and realistic insight provided by the surveys help students gain self-confidence and sparks their curiosity into planning for the future.

In myBlueprint, students can review a Goal Setting Guide which includes helpful tips and reflection questions for successful goal setting, can easily set goals,using the S.M.A.R.T goals framework, and use the Need Ideas? Link to get goal setting ideas.

SEAC Soundbytes

The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) consists of members nominated by the local community associations and approved by the Board. The local associations have parental representatives who promote the interests and well-being of pupils with exceptional needs and abilities. SEAC’s mandate is to make recommendations to the Board in respect of any matter affecting the establishment and development of Special Education programs and services for students of the Board with exceptional needs.  Each month, SEAC provides school communities with a Soundbyte – an article that helps to develop awareness by parents regarding pupils with exceptional needs and abilities.

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