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OLV Health and Safety Protocols 2020-2021

Please check your School Messenger email for a detailed copy of the OLV Health and Safety Protocols 2020-2021 for the September 2020 Reopening. Please take time to review the information regarding:

  • Kiss “n” Ride
  • Daily Schedules for staggered recesses and lunches
  • Entrance and Exit Protocols
  • Pavement Zones for recesses to maintain physical distancing between cohorts. 

Masks, Physical Distancing, Hand Hygiene

As per the Public Health protocols, students are required to wear non-medical masks during the school day, within the classroom, in the hallways, and other areas of the building. Students will have an opportunity to remove their masks outside at recesses within their cohorts in their designated zone and with physical distancing. Students will need a pocket or pouch to secure their masks on their person while outside. Students will need to put their masks back on before entering the building to return to class. All staff members will be wearing medical masks in all their interactions with other staff and their students.

Hand hygiene stations are located at every entrance, at the entry to classrooms, and other areas in the building. There are floor markers and signage throughout the building and on site to indicate physical distancing, directional arrows, and maximum capacity allowed within areas in the building.

Daily Screening

Before leaving for school, parents are required to conduct a daily self-assessment of their student(s) for illness and possible Covid-19 symptoms. Please keep students at home if they are unwell and seek appropriate medical attention and assistance. Please use School Messenger to notify the office of a student’s absence and reason for absence.

Access to the School and Grounds

Only HCDSB staff, students, and essential visitors can access the building or the school site. All other visitors must have permission from the Principal/Site Supervisor and by appointment only. Please note: Parents are not permitted to drop off lunches at the office. Student may not go out for lunch on their own or with a friend.

All of these protocols are in place to maintain a high standard of care and to establish a safe and healthy environment for staff and students. Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.

Staggered Entry

Day 1: Wednesday, September 8 – Surnames A to F

Day 2: Thursday, September 9 – Surnames G to N

Day 3: Friday, September 10 – Surnames O to Z

The OLV staff are excited to welcome the students back into the building! Our priority is to review the new routines and health and safety protocols with the students and to support students’ mental health and well-being during the transition back to in-person learning.  

OLV Staff 2020 – 2021

Kindergarten: Room 14 – Mrs. Di Risio and Mrs. Mrkobrada; Room 13 – Ms. Kapturkiewicz and Mrs. Curly; Room 3 – Mrs. Rademeyer

Primary: Grade 1 – Ms. Riddell; Grade 2 – Mrs. Martini; Grade 2/3 – Ms. Mauricio; Grade 3 – Ms. Banyai

Junior: Grade 4 – Mr. Sheahan; Grade 4/5 – Ms. Mullins; Grade 5/6 – Mrs. Corsetti; Grade 5/6 – Mrs. Kaino; Grade 5/6/7/8 – Mrs. Grande

Intermediate: Grade 6/7 – Ms. Matto; Grade 7/8 – Mr. Callaghan; Grade 7/8 – Ms. Pellegrino

Teaching/Planning Time Support Staff: Teacher of the Arts – Mr. Wong; FSL – Mme. Moreau; PTM – Ms. Peric

Resource Team and Support Staff: SERTs – Mrs. Di Fruscia and Mrs. Kelly; CYC – Mrs. Dinning; Educational Assistants: Mrs. Savio, Mrs. Belanger, Mrs. Amyan, Ms. Bell, Ms. Castoguay, Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Perdomo, Mrs. Yaghoobi Adam

Office and Custodial Staff: School Secretary – Mrs. Nizic; Day Custodian – Mr. Andaya; Library Technician – Ms. Ndreka; Principal – Mrs. Morrissey

September Reopening Committee

Thank you to the members of the September Reopening Committee – Mrs. Kaino, Mr. Callaghan, Mrs. Di Fruscia, Mrs. Curly, Ms. Banyai, Mrs. Dinning, and Mrs. Tomaino, our OLV School Council Representative – for all of your time and planning to prepare staff, students and parents for this different September. Together, we got this! 

On-line Learning

Students whose parents have opted for online learning have been placed in the Temporary Virtual School. Online classes will begin on September 14. Parents will receive information from the Board office.

Please continue to check the Board and school websites, School Messenger, and Twitter for updates.

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