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June 22 – 26 Updates

Highlights for this last week of school…

Parent Access: Curbside Pick up and Drop off

Parents are given temporary access to the school this week on a scheduled date/day by classroom for pick up and drop off from June 22 – 24. Each classroom teacher has contacted parents with a scheduled 15 minute pick up and drop off time on your date/day. With the exception of the Grade 8 Graduates and parents, only one parent/guardian per family may access the exterior of the building. Your cooperation and observance of the timelines and Public Health Protocols are necessary to ensure yours and the staff’s health and safety. If you cannot come on your day, then please advise the classroom teacher to make other arrangements. The school staff have been given a window of time during the last week of school to accomplish this important task and to wrap up the school year. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Family Collage Project – Optional Activity

The School Council could not organize their year-end BBQ as a result of Covid-19 and the subsequent school closure, lockdown, and Public Health protocols which remain in effect. Mrs. Puffer has graciously offered to curate and create an online Family Collage as a way to celebrate our OLV families, say ‘good-bye’ and to bring closure to this school year. You are invited to email an informal family photo to Mrs. Puffer at: by Tuesday, June 23, 2020. Please send the photo as either a jpeg or png file. Once the collage is completed, I will send parents a link. Thank you to Mrs. Puffer for giving her time and sharing her talents!

Grade 8 Virtual Graduation and Celebration

On behalf of the OLV staff and School Council, we extend our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to our Grade 8 Graduates for 2020! This has been an extraordinary year and these students have shown tremendous growth and resilience. We are so very proud of you! On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, all our grade 8 students will be recognized with a curbside celebration followed by a virtual Graduation ceremony in the evening. Thank you to the intermediate teachers and the Graduation Committee for your time and support to make this day special for our 2020 Graduates. Thank you to Mrs. Chiappino for her time and tech savvy skills to create the virtual Graduation video. The link to the video will be shared with Grade 8 parents and posted on our school website on June 23, 2020.

Good-byes and Well Wishes!

The start of every school year brings new people to our staff and in June with fondness and sadness, we say ‘good-bye’ to colleagues and beloved teachers. Please join me in wishing the very best to Mrs. Britto who will be taking time with her family and upon her return to work will be moving to a school closer to home. Thank you to Mrs. Chiappino for sharing your time, talents, and leadership skills. We wish you all the best in your next assignment. Mrs. Boisvert is moving on to another school in her role as a Special Education Resource Teacher. We congratulate Mr. Zoffranieri on securing a permanent teaching position! Mrs. Puffer will be taking time off next school year to welcome her baby. We look forward to her return to OLV the following school year. Congratulations to Mrs. Pipe who is returning to work full-time and will be sharing her talents with another lucky school community. It has been a privilege to work alongside these talented educators. On behalf of the OLV staff and parent community, we wish you success in your next assignments. You will be missed!

June Report Cards

The Term 2 Report cards go home this week by Wednesday, June 24. The Report Cards will be sent electronically by the Board office with the Principal’s electronic signature. Hardcopies will be filed in the students’ Ontario Student Record (OSR) when school resumes in September.

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