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June 15 – 19 Updates

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Distance Learning

Classroom teachers and parents are in the home stretch of Distance Learning before the start of summer break. Thank you for your support of teacher-led distance learning as everyone adapted to a new model of teaching and learning to engage students. It has not always been easy to manage the demands of a busy household, working from home, or as essential workers, and keeping students focused for you, as parents, and for the teachers who also have families. While September is still an unknown, as educators, we are all committed to improving our instructional practices, honing our craft, and increasing our technological savvy to better meet the needs of all students within the Ministry guidelines. Your patience, respectful presence online, and support are greatly appreciated.

In-School Wear Uniform Sale

During the month of June, In-School Wear has a 10% off sale on school uniforms. Students are required to wear the school uniform top with the OLV school logo. There have been revisions to the School Uniform policy which widens the options parents have for purchasing uniform bottoms. Parents can still buy the bottoms from In-School Wear or from another venue so long as the bottoms are navy and appropriate attire for school.

Courtesy Seats on School Buses for 2020-2021

Families with children who take the bus to school are advised that the application process for receiving courtesy seats on school buses will be delayed for the 2020-21 school year. Due to physical distancing measures in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, it may not be possible to grant courtesy seats or the process may be delayed for next school year.

However, parents and guardians can continue to submit a Courtesy Seat Application, and will be notified via email once a decision on this process has been made.

Please note that there is no guarantee that a courtesy seat will be offered if you submit an application, or if your child had a courtesy seat in the past. Visit the Halton Student Transportation Services website for more information:

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. 

Themed Thursday – Optional Spirit Day

This week’s Themed Thursday on June 18 is “Canada Day!” Students are invited to dress in red and white or wear colours that celebrate their family’s heritage or country of origin or recognize the lands and treaty rights of Canada’s First Nations Peoples. Everyone is welcome to celebrate our unique identities as Canadians.

Parent Access: Curbside Pick up and Drop off

By now you will have received two email notifications – on Friday, June 5 and on Friday, June 12 – with details about the parent access to the school and the date/day of your child(ren)’s classroom pick up and drop off from June 22 – 24. Each classroom teacher will contact parents with a scheduled 15 minute pick up and drop off time on your date/day. With the exception of the Grade 8 Graduates and parents, only one parent/guardian per family may access the exterior of the building. Your cooperation and observance of the timelines and Public Health Protocols are necessary to ensure yours and the staff’s health and safety. If you cannot come on your day, then please advise the classroom teacher to make other arrangements. The school staff have been given a window of time during the last week of school to accomplish this important task and to wrap up the school year. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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