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May 11 – 15 Updates

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Staff Appreciation Day

Thank you to the many parents and students who reached out to thank the teachers and support staff on Friday, May 8 for the annual Staff Appreciation Day. Your gratitude and recognition for the efforts to keep students engaged and to provide a continuity of teacher-led learning during these unprecedented times are greatly appreciated. Thank you for all that you are doing in your busy home lives to keep students motivated to participate in distance learning. We are in this together.

Access to Technology and Resources

Please do not hesitate to contact the classroom teachers or myself at if something has changed in your family situation, and you need our help, for example, ensuring your child(ren)’s access to technology for essential student learning or providing access to community partners for mental, socio-emotional, or financial supports. We are here to help. In addition, the IT department (905) 632-6300 ext.500 is available to answer your questions and trouble shoot the online distance learning platforms.

Milton Secondary School Boundary Review

Thank you to Mr. Bily and Mrs. Price for their on-going commitment to the Milton Secondary School Boundary Review Committee as representatives of Our Lady of Victory Catholic School Council and parents. Thank you to parents for completing the survey and providing your feedback on the best options for students, now and in the future. The Board will schedule a Parent Information Night to review the survey results and the options for consideration. Please check the Board’s website for updates.

Blessed Mother’s Day!

While the weather didn’t cooperate this weekend, we hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your families and you were able to ‘connect’ with the special women in your life. May is the month of our Blessed Mother Mary. Consider offering your cares and concerns to her and she will intercede to Her Son Jesus on your behalf. She never fails to hear our prayers, especially as we pray the Rosary together as a family.

M. Morrissey, Principal

Elementary PrincipalMay 11 – 15 Updates