Staff Directory


Ms. Regan Dore-AndersonElementary Principal

Support Staff

Mrs Jean ArnoldOffice Assistant - Temporary
Mrs. Jennifer BaxterChild & Youth Counsellor, Temporary
Mrs. Nicole LuptonElementary Secretary - Temporary Assignment
Mrs Andria MeskauskasLibrary Technician Temporary

Teaching Staff

Mr. Michele AmatielloElementary Teacher, Grade 2
Ms. Brittany AquinElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Mr. Marcus BarberElementary Teacher, Grade 7
Ms. Shannon BinkleyElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Ms. Colleen ConnorElementary Teacher, Grade 6
Mr. Steven CurtoElementary Teacher, Teacher of the Arts
Ms. Linda De GuzmanElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Ms. Sabrina De PolElementary Teacher, Grade 5 Frrench Immersion, French
Ms. Claudia DeFazioElementary Teacher, Grade 7
Ms. Samantha Di BlasioElementary Teacher, Grade 2/3
Ms. Sarah DicksonElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Ms. Lucy GomesElementary Teacher, Grade 4/5
Mrs. Mary Anne InnesElementary Teacher, Elementary SERT
Ms. Mary Lynn KozakElementary Teacher, Grade 7/8
Mrs. Julie MarinicElementary Teacher, Grade 3/4
Mrs. Patricia MarshElementary Teacher, Kindergarten
Mrs. Shan McNeillElementary Teacher, Full Day Kindergarten
Mr. Steven MiljanElementary Teacher, Grade 8
Mrs. Laurie MitchellElementary Teacher, Grade 1
Ms. Nena PachecoElementary Teacher, Grade 4
Ms Victoria PericElementary Teacher, Teacher of the Arts
Mr. Peter PokolicElementary Teacher, Primary Team Member
Ms. Melania PorcoElementary Teacher, Grade 5/6
Mrs. Elisabete RaposoElementary Teacher, Primary Team Member
Ms. Tatiana SmithElementary Teacher, Grade 6/7
Ms. Emily WilliamsElementary Teacher, Grade 3
Ms. Jennifer ZadorElementary Teacher, Grade 2
Mr. Robert BrennanEducational Assistant
Ms. Jane ChandlerEducational Assistant
Ms. Amanda DemeloTemporary Designated Early Childhood Educator
Mrs. Dolores FalcioniEducational Assistant
Mrs Gina FergusonEducational Assistant, Temporary
Ms. Bozena FilsoEducational Assistant
Ms. Jennifer ForrestDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Mrs. Nathalie GuillerezEducational Assistant
Mrs. Rosalia HigginsDesignated Early Childhood Educator
Miss Sandra LeachEducational Assistant, Temporary
Ms Elizandra ManuelEducational Assistant
Ms Kathy RossEducational Assistant

Custodial Staff

Mr. Fabian D'Antonio, Maintenance Custodian Elementary
Mr. Janko Tomasic
Mrs. Marica Tomasic

Lunchtime Supervision

Ms. Katarzyna Kubica
Ms Daniela Valerio
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