Safe Schools

Our Lady of Peace is committed to providing a safe and healthy school environment for its students and staff. There are several policies and protocols in place to ensure your child’s safety and wellness while attending school. Please see below to familiarize yourself with our various guidelines and procedures.


Visitors to St. Elizabeth-Seton School include parents, guardians, former students, board personnel, parish support personnel, trades people, and other people who are not currently students or staff members of the school.

To ensure the safety of students at Our Lady of Peace, visitors seeking access to the school for any reason, are asked to:

  • Enter through the main (front) doors of the school.
  • Sign in at the office.
  • Pick up and wear a visitor’s identification tag, in a readily visible fashion, while in the school.
  • Sign out and return the identification badge/tag to the office when leaving the school.

Students and staff have been instructed to inform the office if they encounter anyone on the premises without a visitor’s badge.

Please note that ‘signing-in’ does not provide general permission to visit classrooms or any other location in the school. Such permissions are obtained through prior arrangement with the school Principal. However, a classroom volunteer may sign-in, take a tag, and proceed directly to the assigned classroom; a lunch day volunteer may sign-in, take a tag, and proceed to the designated area of activity. A parent, who has an appointment with a teacher, should report to the office and await the teacher. Should you require release of your child to attend a medical or other appointment, please report to the office and your child will be paged from class.

Outdoors, parents are asked to stay outside of the fenced area in the school yard to ensure the safety of all our students. Only staff wearing brightly-coloured vests should be visible in the schoolyard areas. We hope that you understand that we are not trying to create an unwelcoming environment, but rather, a safe environment for all children at Our Lady of Peace School. In many ways, this is not unlike you becoming concerned if a ‘visitor’ came into your home or into your yard; the staff and children are the school family, and anyone else is considered a visitor. Please help us to maintain as safe an environment as possible for all of our children.


Volunteers are required to have on file at the school a current Criminal Reference Check with a Vulnerable Sector Screening before they can volunteer at any school. If you have a Criminal Reference Check on file, you are required to fill out and sign a Declaration on an annual basis.


Bright yellow signs in all areas of the school indicate the closest and alternate exits in case of a fire. There will be three fire drills held in the fall term and three in the spring term. Students will leave the building as instructed following an Emergency Evacuation Plan approved by the Oakville Fire Department. Your child must wear shoes at all times while in the school so that in the event that the school must be evacuated their feet will be protected.


Changes in the work or home address, telephone number, emergency contact person, or other pertinent information, should be reported in a timely manner to the office.


If it is necessary for the student to leave the school at a time other than the regular dismissal time, the parent should advise the teacher, by note, in advance. Understandably, there may be times of emergency when it will not be possible to plan on an early leaving; at such times, a telephone call should be made to notify the school. Students leaving school at other than regular dismissal times are required to first report to the office.

TRAFFIC FLOW around the School and PARKING

During the morning arrival and afternoon dismissal times, the potential exists for high traffic volumes and delays. Where possible, we encourage parents to not drive students to or from the school. Students who live in areas where bus transportation is provided, should make use of this service. Students who live within walking distance of school are encouraged to walk. (These actions will also support environmental and conservation actions)


  • Encourage your children to use crosswalks and walkways.
  • Do not use the designate area for busses, it is also a fire zone.
  • KISS & RIDE -WEST PARKING LOT * Please do NOT stop or park your vehicle along the driveway or beside the pylons. Use the Kiss ‘n Ride Lane provided. When walking your child from parking spaces across Peace Road to the school, please use the designated white lines on the roadway to cross. Remember to look both ways before crossing. EAST PARKING LOT * During the 3:35 pick up, parents have parked in the parking lot are requested to pick up your child (ren) at the school and walk them across the lane of traffic to your vehicle.
  • Do not use the Creative Playground on School Property during school hours. Parents who would like to use this area with their children, are asked to wait outside the yard boundaries until all children have been dismissed and teachers have finished their yard duty. The Kindergarten playground is only for the use of our Kindergarten children.

If you must drive to or from the school, particularly during peak traffic times before and after school, please:

  • Be patient and courteous.
  • Do not block the road thoroughfares,
  • Be aware of the no stopping and no parking zones in front of the school.
  • DO NOT PARK in the driveway along the front of the school. This area is to be used only by school busses during arrival and dismissal times and is also a designated fire route.
  • Drive slowly and be vigilant of pedestrians/children.
  • If you are dropping off your child, please use the curb drop off lane at the south-east or north-east side of the school. Please do not leave your car unattended and/or parked anywhere along the curbs or in the middle of the school parking lot as this impacts significantly on traffic flow. When using one of the parking spaces, exit your car, and wait for your child on the sidewalk.
  • Practice and model good safety rules, as you show your child how to cross a parking area safely.


As teachers and parents, we need to understand one another’s goals and aspirations for the children we jointly educate. Please share any information that may affect your child’s schooling with the child’s classroom teacher as early as possible into the school year. You are encouraged to attend Curriculum Night in September to better understand the program and curriculum requirements for your child this particular school grade and year. In December you are invited to attend parent-teacher interviews to understand how teacher, parent, and student, can work together to ensure the optimal growth of your child.

If at any time you have a concern, please address it first with your child’s teacher. If the best collective efforts of parent, staff, and student, have not resolved the concern, contact the Principal. Please phone to arrange a convenient appointment time for all concerned.

We strive to issue a monthly school newsletter and forward these with the youngest and/or only child of each family at the beginning of each month. School newsletters and other information and forms should also be available through the School’s Board website: ; seek the link to Our Lady of Peace. With the PDF format used, please be patient for the newsletter to download, particularly if you are using a “dial-up” internet service provider. On Curriculum Night, your child’s teacher will provide details regarding the home/school communications particular to the class.

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