Safe Arrival

The purpose of the Safe Arrival Program is to ensure that your child arrives safely at school. We appreciate your cooperation in using the SchoolMessenger system (website, app, or dedicated phone number) to let us know that your child will not be attending or will be late.

We are concerned if your child is not at school and we have not received a call from you. We will proceed to confirm the whereabouts of your child by calling home/workplace/emergency contact numbers (please keep us up-to-date!). If an absence continues to be unexplained, Board policy requires that the Principal determine whether the police department should be made aware of the unaccounted absence. Please help us to save valuable time and ensure the safety of your children by calling in all absences.

Upon returning after an absence, the student should bring a note to the teacher. The student is responsible for finding out what was missed and for catching up. She/he should ask a classroom buddy to collect handouts and gather other information to make the return to class easier.

Students are expected to attend classes on each school day. The Education Act allows for students to be excused from attendance for limited periods of time with the permission of the School Principal. Please contact the school in the event that an extended absence is planned. A form (obtained at the school office) must be completed for any absence (excluding illness) exceeding four days; the completed form will be appended to the Ontario Register of Daily Attendance.

Please note that the school yard is not supervised until 8:30 a.m. For your children’s safety, please ensure they are not in the school yard during unsupervised times.


Students are considered late if they are not in the school by 8:45.  Please establish, with your child, routines at home that will assist her/his arriving at school on time.  The earlier the child arrives, the safer will be her/his entry since the volume of vehicular traffic increases significantly just prior to the entry bell.

Students arriving late should first report to the office for a late slip.  Teachers are required to record late arrivals in the Ontario Register of Daily Attendance as well as on the Provincial Report Card.  Parents will be notified by phone or in writing in the event that students routinely arrive late for school.

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