About Our School

On Thursday May 5, 1994, at 7:00 pm, Our Lady of Peace was born. With the help of St. John’s School, Our Lady of Peace opened, holding 518 students. Bishop Anthony F. Tonnos kindly arrived to help make Our Lady of Peace what it is today. Accompanied with the Bishop was Superintendent of Education, Mr. Lou Piovesan, and the Director of Education, Mr. Cliff Bynes and the Mayor of Oakville. The Bishop made a wonderful speech that was triumphant, noble and worth remembering.

This ceremony also included one other spectacular event – the cutting of the ribbon to continue the commencement of the school. Bishop Tonnos blessed each and every classroom with his prayers and loving care. The principal, Mrs. E. Vassas, a fun and spirited principal, was thankful for the Bishop’s presence. Our Lady of Peace’s opening was very successful and affected the community surrounding it in a glorious way. The families around Our Lady of Peace loved having a new Catholic school around.

The school began with 41 staff. For 10 years, Our Lady of Peace has been up and running and is an extremely successful school for activities, education, clubs and teams. We love OLP!

Our Lady of Peace is the patron saint of our school. In 1966, Pope Paul VI declared the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the title Our Lady of Peace, as the patron of El Salvador. The title recognized the strong influence Mary presents as a model of peace and inspiration. Our mission is to be a Catholic Community of faith giving witness to Jesus Christ. We commit ourselves to carrying out this mission through the services we provide as a Catholic school and community.

The feast day of Our Lady of Peace is November 21.

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