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Weekly Update for September 14

Welcome Back!

  • We were so excited to see so many familiar faces, and to greet new ones, this week! We were very proud at how well everyone adapted to the changes, and we look forward to having everyone together as a school community next week.
  • Thank you to our families who worked so hard to prepare their children for our new rules and procedures. We couldn’t do it without you!

Changes to Entry and Exit Routines

  • On Monday morning all students in Grades 1-8 will enter the school building through the back doors (Doors 5 & 9) as soon as they arrive as we did this week (and as we will continue to do during inclement weather), but, starting on Tuesday, September 15, we will ask students who arrive in the morning between 8:30 and 8:45 to go to their lines as soon as they come to school. (For the safety of your child, we request that students do not arrive on school grounds before 8:30 am). When students arrive they can choose a “dot” in their line to stand on. This procedure will allow students to socialize safely while maintaining distance from one another. Please help us by reviewing this change with your children before Tuesday.
  • We have several students who will be riding the school bus this year, and we will be lining up on the walk in front of the school at dismissal to help them board the buses safely. We would ask you to please stay off the walk directly in the front of the school during that time. As well, please remember that the driveway at the front of the school is only for buses.

Parking Lot Safety

Student safety when coming to school and going back home is very important to us!

A reminder of the following safety tips and school regulations:

  1. Encourage your children to use crosswalks and walkways.
  2. Do not use the driveway in front of the school during the morning arrival or after school dismissal.
  3. If you must drive your child to school, please follow the traffic flow rules in place at the east and west sides of the school. Stop or park only in designated spaces and not in the kiss and ride or along the fence.
  4. Bid your child farewell before they go into the schoolyard as staff and students are the only people allowed in the schoolyard. Parents must wait outside the boundaries/fences. Your cooperation with this issue is most appreciated.
  5. All students in the school are dismissed at the end of the day through the back doors. Kindergarten students use their own exits. Please give the teachers space to have the students exit the school in an orderly fashion.
  6. If you drive to or from the school, please remember: be patient and courteous; do not block the main road thoroughfares; drive slowly and be vigilant for pedestrians/children.

Please note that the creative playground in the Kindergarten yard is only for the use of our Kindergarten students and should not be used by any other students before or after school.

Student Information Forms

  • Our students with medical conditions such as anaphylaxis, asthma, and epilepsy should have received updated forms from their teachers this week. Please ensure that they are returned to the school along with necessary medications as soon as possible.
  • Student information forms will be coming home with all students at the beginning of next week. Please review and complete them carefully and return them to us by Friday, September 18.

Sacraments for Students in Grade 3

  • Our school parish, St. Michael, is making arrangements for our students in Grade 3 who missed receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion last spring to receive them this fall. Please watch for a separate email explaining the plan that you will be receiving shortly.

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Elementary PrincipalWeekly Update for September 14

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