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Grade 8 Graduation – Drive-Through and Virtual Celebration!

In line with public health guidelines and our school board’s direction, we are planning for both a drive-through and a virtual ceremony to take place on the evening of June 22 so we can honour the graduates in the year they are graduating.

Drive-Through Ceremony

The drive-through ceremony will take place from 6-8:30 pm on Monday, June 22. Groups of 5 families will be assigned a 15 minute time slot to drive through the front entrance so that we may cheer for and celebrate each student, while students may pick up their diplomas, composites (if you have ordered one) and gift bags, along with any personal belongings that have been left at school. (Please note that you will not be able to pick up any siblings’ belongings at this time.) Due to our direction from public health, only one student at a time and no other family members will be allowed to get out of the car. If your family is not able to attend, please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible and we will arrange to drop these items off to you.

Virtual Ceremony

We will provide you with more information about how to access the virtual ceremony, but our plan is to have the link go live after the drive through. The link will be posted on our school website so that you can share it with any other family members who might want to view it, and view it whenever you would like. The virtual ceremony will include some of the features of our regular graduation ceremony, such as:

  • Valedictorian’s address
  • Greetings from our Director, Pat Daly, one of our Oakville Trustees, and Mrs. Dore-Anderson
  • A prayer and message from Father Jerzy, the pastor at St. Michael
  • A brief liturgy
  • Presentation of the graduating class
  • Graduation awards – our academic awards this year will focus on achievement before March 13, but almost all of our awards for our graduates are centred on our Catholic values as expressed in our Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations. Students have received the information about this year’s awards and their focus from their teachers.
  • A video presentation by our students featuring “Some Good News”
Elementary PrincipalGrade 8 Graduation – Drive-Through and Virtual Celebration!

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