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OLP Embodies the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations!

This year at OLP we are working on demonstrating the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations (OCSGE). We will focus on a new OCGSE every few months, and in each classroom educators will present an award to the student who best exemplifies the expectation.

As well, we have changed our “Attitude of Gratitude” Awards to more closely align with the OCSGE. Students may still receive a slip for our monthly draw, but the slips will be given out for behaviour that demonstrates the OCGSE. The draw prizes have also changed. Students may choose to put their slips in a draw for an Indigo gift card, a Good Books gift card, or to have a donation to a charity of their choice made in their names.

For more information about the OCGSE, please see the Institute for Catholic Education website here:

Monthly Focus:

  • September/October: A Responsible Citizen (I have responsibilities!)
  • November/December: A Discerning Believer (I am a believer!)
  • January: An Effective Communicator (I have a voice!)
  • February/March: A Reflective, Creative, and Holistic Thinker (I have ideas!)
  • April: A Collaborative Contributor (I am a team player!)
  • May: A Self-Directed, Responsible, Lifelong Learner (I am a learner for life!)
  • June: A Caring Family Member (I care!)
Elementary PrincipalOLP Embodies the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations!