About Our School Council

Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School Council 2021-2022

Catholic school councils are legally constituted bodies of elected and appointed representatives of the local school community established for the purposes of developing, encouraging and promoting activities which will enhance the quality of school programs and improve the levels of student achievement. At Our Lady of Fatima, Catholic School Council Members take on leadership roles by regularly attending meetings, leading and participating in sub-committees and running school events.

Parent/School Representatives

  • John Babos – Chair
  • Tania Sgro-Madrick – Secretary
  • Rey Reyes – Parish Representative
  • Claudia Ianiro– Parent Representative
  • Faye Aguiar– Parent Representative
  • Valerie Wysocki – Parent Representative
  • Leanne Storey – Support Staff Representative
  • Vanessa Szwed– Teacher Representative
  • Jason Shannon – Vice Principal
  • Viviana Varano – Principal
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